Internal Users:

Internal user (TU user) can download Job order forms from SAIC web page for any facility. Details regarding experimental conditions should be given in the Job order form. The form must be duly signed by PI/head of the Department/Institute with seal. In experiments where user's presence is required, prior appointment for analysis/studying samples should be sought.

External Users:

University/College/National Lab/Industry:

You can come in-person or send your samples along with a letter duly signed by the Head of Institute/Guide addressing to the Head, SAIC, Tezpur University. In your letter mention that "You agree to acknowledge SAIC, TU, in your publications and thesis if the SAIC Instrument results are incorporated/used in them. "As per guidelines, in all publications of research work wherein the analytical services of the SAIC have been made use of, the SAIC, TU shall be duly acknowledged. Kindly send us the publications reference (Journal name/volume number/name of authors/date of issue of the publication ete) to SAIC.

For further details mail to

Important notes

  • The analytical data/spectra are provided only for research/development purpose. These can not be used as certificates in legal disputes.
  • Please send the samples in quantity and samples are not recovered, unless a special request is made. For this extra charge has to be made.
  • In correspondence related to analysis our reference/payment receipt number/registration number must be mentioned.
  • Radio active/Toxic materials should be mentioned clearly and handed over personally.
  • Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
  • Services are rendered to only those users who regularly give us feed-back about the use of the result, e.g. thesis, patent publications etc.
  • Research fellows and students (for internal user only) are advised to send their application/ requested form duly signed by PI/supervisor. However, HoDs of respective departments may also forward the forms in the absence of the respective PI/Supervisor.
  • Interpretation of spectra is not undertaken normally
  • If you want samples back please inform to the SAIC office and also mention on your letter. Kindly collect your samples on the allotted date. Samples which are not collected will be disposed of immediately without any further notification
  • Once the sample analysis is completed, the results will be dispatched by E-mail.
  • Please ensure the status of the equipment (operational/out-of-order) before depositing money for sample analysis either by e-mailing or contacting the phone number provided below:
    Phone: 03712-275293/275294
  • Once the operational status of the equipment is confirmed, deposit the money to SBI A/C No. 31196114707 as per charges/rates for analysis provided on the webpage:


Mode of payment:

1. User need to transfer money to SBI A/C No.31196114707, Tezpur University by e-banking only. Payment through cash/draft is not acceptable.

2. Send the sample, money transfer copy and job order forms (complete filled with relevant information) to "The Head, SAIC , Tezpur University Tezpur-784028, Assam, India".