With the advent of technology, the increased demand but lesser and lesser supply of natural and conventional resources has put us in a critical situation, which needs immediate attention. Additionally, the increased global demand of energy has led to cascading effects of increased green-house gases, depleted ozone layer, water and soil pollution, and global warming. These effects have got adverse influences on the ecology and environment. As solutions to the dual problem of limited natural resources and environmental hazards, extensive research is required to develop alternate resources, improve efficiency of system, optimize use of the available resources, better design of the systems for longer life, and develop green sources of energy. In this direction, the mechanical engineering has a major role to play in the current high-throughput technological era. Accordingly, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tezpur University has identified the following thrust areas for carrying out research in the next 05 years:


  1. Alternate fuel technology
  2. Renewable energy technology
  3. Computational fluid Dynamics
  4. Optimization/operational research
  5. Nanotechnology
  6. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
  7. Machine dynamics
  8. Characterization of metallic alloys.
  9. Industrial waste management



The faculty is currently involved in the following major research areas:



o    Dr. Dilip Datta


Fluid And Thermal Sciences (Including Energy Technology)

o    Dr. Tapan Kumar Gogoi
o    Dr. Partha Pratim Dutta
o    Mr. Paragmoni Kalita
o    Mr. Prabin Haloi
o    Mr. Manoj Bardalai
o    Dr. Anup Paul
o    Ms Barnali Chowdhury


Machine Design

o    Mr. Polash Pratim Dutta
o    Mr. Sushen Kirtania



Materials and Manufacturing

o    Dr. Sanjib Banerjee
o    Mr. Polash Pratim Dutta
o    Mr. Satadru Kashyap
o    Mr. Rakesh Bhadra




   o    Ms. Zahnupriya Kalita