Ph.D Programme in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tezpur University is offering Ph.D Programme in the following broad areas:
S.No. Research Domain Objective Supervisor(s) Eligibility
1 Optimization To develop algorithms, specially Evolutionary Algorithms (such as Genetic Algorithm, Differential Evolution, and Particle Swarm Optimization) for multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems with applications to various real-life and practical problems. Dilip Datta This is a highly interdisciplinary research area,covering the designing of small and precise scientific components in laboratories, predicting profits in share markets, partitioning geographical and political territories, analyzing huge biological data, and many more. Hence, a Master degree holder in any discipline, with Mathematics at least up to 10+2 level and having good computer programming skill, is well capable to carry out a research work in this particular domain with application to the area of his/her interest.
2 Thermal, Energy and Environment Engineering Tapan Kumar Gogoi
Partha Pratim Dutta
3 Materials and Manufacturing To generate experimental and formulate computational techniques in applied fields of Materials and Manufacturing Technology, thus to develop, characterize and apply advanced materials that control and contribute to modern manufacturing systems Sanjib Banerjee The domain consists of both experimental and computational techniques to process / characterize new materials and apply to manufacturing. Eligibility criteria:
  • M.E. / M.Tech in Mechanical / Production / Metallurgy / Materials or any other relevant areas
  • Knowledge / Experience in experimental project and computational skills