Research Areas

All the faculty members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences are actively engaged in research in various areas of Mathematical Sciences such as Algebra, Analysis and Topology, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Operator Theory, Coding Theory, Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics and Non-parametric Statistics. A comprehensive list of all regular faculty members and their research areas is given below.

Name of Faculty Research Areas
Dr. N. D. Baruah, ProfessorNumber Theory, Special Functions, Ramanujan's Mathematics: especially Elliptic and Theta Functions, Modular Equations, Continued Fractions, qseries, Partition Theory, etc.
Dr. D. Hazarika, Professor Point-set Topology, Multi-valued Topology
Dr. (Mrs.) M. Hazarika, ProfessorOperator Theory and Functional Analysis
Dr. M. Nath, Professor Graphs and Matrices, Extremal Graph Theory
Dr. B. P. Sarmah, Associate ProfessorTheoretical Physics: gravitational waves and supernova shock formation
Dr. S. Dutta, ProfessorKernel density estimation, Nonparametric distribution function estimation, Smooth bootstrap, Estimation of quintiles and their applications in Finance.
Dr. D. K. Basnet, ProfessorRing Theory, Finite Field Theory
Dr. S. Sen, Associate ProfessorComputational Fluid Dynamics
Dr. B. K. Sarmah, Assistant ProfessorNumber Theory (Ramanujan Mathematics, Theory of Partition)
Dr. R. K. Nath, Assistant ProfessorFinite Group Theory and Ring Theory, Character Theory of Finite Groups, Algebraic Graph Theory
Dr. D. Kalita, Assistant ProfessorAlgebraic Graph Theory
Dr. D. Goswami, Assistant ProfessorElliptic, Parabolic Partial Differential Equations and Integro-Differential Equations, Finite Element Methods
Dr. P. K. Das, Assistant ProfessorCoding Theory, Frame Theory
Dr. J. Borah, Assistant ProfessorFractional Differential Equations

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