Debajit Hazarika

Designation : Professor

Specialisation/Areas of interest : General Topology and applications, Many-valued topology and applications, Fuzzy sets

Date of Joining TU : December, 1995.

Academic Profile :
     M.Sc. (University of Delhi), Ph.D. (Jamia Millia Islamia)

Selected Publications:

• D. Hazarika (with M. Sarma), On linear operators in Felbin’s fuzzy normed linear space, Ann. Fuzzy Math. Inform.,13(6)(2017), 749–758.
• D. Hazarika (with M. Sarma), On metrizability and covering properties of L-fuzzy metric spaces, Ann. Fuzzy Math. Inform., 8(5),(2014), 793-801.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), L-Locally Uniform Spaces-II, Ann. Fuzzy Math. Inform. 10(2015) 715-726.
• D. Hazarika (with D. Hazarika), Fuzzy regions with holes and their topological relations in a special FTS, Volume 3, Ann. Fuzzy Math. Inform, 1(2012), 89- 101.
• D. Hazarika (with D. Hazarika), Topological Relations between Fuzzy Regions with Holes in a GFTS, J Inform & Math Sci, 4(2)(2012), 189–198.
• D. Hazarika (with D. Hazarika), On Certain Generalizations of Fuzzy Boundary, Int. Math. Forum, 6 (46)(2011), 2293 - 2303.
• D. Hazarika (with D. Hazarika), A fuzzy topological model for spatial analysis, Proc. of Int. Conf. on CAMIST, 2010, Macmillan Advanced Research Series, 20-25.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), On some uniform type structures in L-topology, Int. Journal Contemporary Math. Sciences, 5 (39)(2010), 1913 - 1921.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), Startified L-Locally Uniform Spaces, Int. Journal of Math. Analysis, 4 (52)(2010) 2565-2571.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), On L-Semi-Pseudo Metrization, International Mathematical Forum, 5(23)(2010), 1141-1148.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), L-locally Uniform Spaces, J. Fuzzy Math., 18(2)(2010), 505-516.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), Fuzzy Locally Uniform Spaces, J. Fuzzy Math., 18(1)(2010),31-39.
• D. Hazarika (with D. K. Mitra), L-Locally Quasi-uniform spaces, J. Indian Academy of Math., 31(2)(2009), 317-324 .
• D. Hazarika, Topological concepts in image processing : the fuzzy angle, Fuzzy Logic and its Applications in Technology and Management, Editor(s): D. Chakraborty, S. Nanda and D. Majumdar, Narosa, 2007, 26-31.
• D. Hazarika (with R. D. Sarma and A. Sharfuddin) Some aspects of Ci-connectedness in L-topological spaces, J. Fuzzy Math., 13(4), (2005), 827-844.
• D. Hazarika (with R.D. Sarma), Connectedness and local connectedness in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces, Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Eds. S. Nanda and G. P. Rajasekhar, 2004, 97-105.
• D. Hazarika (with R. D. Sarma and A.Sharfuddin), Extremally disconnected spaces in L- topological spaces, J. Fuzzy Math., 11(3), (2003), 737-749.
• D. Hazarika (with R.D. Sarma), A Urysohn Lemma type result for extremally disconnected spaces, GU Math. Bulletin, 7(2002), 21-26.
• D. Hazarika (with S. P. Arya), Functions with closed fuzzy graph, J. Fuzzy Math., Vol. 2(3)(1994), 593-600.


UGC (minor) A study of computational aspects of connectedness and its variations in some classes of topological spaces.

Memberships of professional bodies/societies:

Life member, Indian Mathematical Society
Life member, Assam Academy of Mathematics
Life member, Indian Academy of Mathematics
Life member, Indian National Science Congress Association

Academic/Administrative responsibilities:

Coordinator, Steering Committee for NAAC accreditation, 2016, Tezpur University
April, 2011 - July, 2015
Head, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tezpur University