Nayandeep Deka Baruah,  Professor  
  M.Sc.(IITK), Ph.D.(Tezpur University)
Specialization: Number Theory, Ramanujan's Mathematics
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5506
E-Mail: nayan[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dhiren Kumar Basnet,  Professor   
  M.Sc(Gauhati University), Ph.D.(Dibrugarh University)
Specialization: Ring Theory; Finite Field Theory
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5517
E-Mail: dbasnet[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Jayanta Borah,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc(Gauhati Univesity), Ph.D (IITG)
Specialization: Abstract Fractional Differential Equations, Mathematical Control theory
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5522
E-Mail: jba[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Pankaj Kumar Das,  Associate Professor   
  M.Sc, M.Phill, Ph.D (Delhi University)
Specialization: Coding Theory
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5520
E-Mail: pankaj4[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Biswajit Das,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc (Tezpur University), Ph.D (IIT Guwahati)
Specialization: Numerical Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis.
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5511
E-Mail: bdas[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Santanu Dutta,  Professor  
  M.Sc.(Delhi University), Ph.D.(Tezpur University)
Specialization: Statistics(Non-parametric)
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5508
E-Mail: sdutta[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Deepjyoti Goswami,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc(Delhi University), PhD (IITB)
Specialization: Finite Element Method
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5521
E-Mail: deepjyoti[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Debajit Hazarika,   Professor and Dean, School of Sciences  
  M.Sc.(Delhi University), Ph.D.(JMI)
Specialization: General Topology, Fuzzy sets & applications
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5505
E-Mail: debajit[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Munmun Hazarika,  Professor  
  M.Phil.(Delhi University), Ph.D.(Tezpur University)
Specialization: Operator Theory, Functional Analysis
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5507
E-Mail: munmun[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Debajit Kalita,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc(Gauhati University), PhD (IITG)
Specialization: Algebraic Graph Theory
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5519
E-Mail: kdebajit[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Milan Nath,  Professor & Head  
  M.Sc(Gauhati University), Ph.D.(IITG)
Specialization: Ordinary Graph Spectra, Inverse eigenvalue problem
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5515
E-Mail: milan[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Rajat Kanti Nath,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc(Tezpur University), M.Phil(NEHU),Ph.D.(NEHU)
Specialization: Group Theory;Character Theory
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5518
E-Mail: rknath[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Bhim Prasad Sarmah,  Associate Professor  
  M. Sc.(Gauhati University),Ph.D.(Gauhati University)
Specialization: Theoretical Physics
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5501/5504
E-Mail: bhim[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Bipul Kumar Sarmah,  Assistant Professor   
  M.Sc(Gauhati University), B.Ed.(Gauhati University),Ph.D.(Tezpur University)
Specialization: Theory of Partitions;Ramanujan Mathematics
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5516
E-Mail: bipul[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Shuvam Sen,  Professor  
  M.Sc.(Gauhati University), Ph.D. (IITG)
Specialization: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Phone(Ext.):  03712-27-5510
E-Mail: shuvam[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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