About the Conference

The proposed symposium lays emphasis on the exploration and innovation of probiotic organisms and functional foods for therapy in gastro-intestinal disorders, lifestyle metabolic disorders like obesity and obesity related disorders like Type-II diabetes, inflammation, etc. Recent findings have generated considerable scientific and commercial interest in functional and nutraceutical food formulation along with exploring probiotics and its functional attributes in health management. With lifestyle disorders forcing more and more people to reel under excess body weight, CVD, hypertension, etc. even relatively in younger people too. Disease like obesity relates with excessive weight which is associated with a series of health problems, including blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments.  With the present rise in lifestyle and diet related disorders among Indian population, the need for effective therapies and, forecasted positive opportunities in the functional food market. Gut microbiota plays an important role in whole-body metabolism by affecting energy balance, gut barrier function and central food intake regulatory signals and thereby effecting body weight. Thus, dietary interventions by probiotics along with dietary fibres can restore the bacterial diversity lost in the western gut due to changes in lifestyle and discriminate use of drugs. At present, many new initiatives taken with regard to changes in gut microbiota due to synbiotic consumption have increased dramatically with a focus primarily on LAB (lactic acid bacteria) like lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and propionibacteria on account of their wide application in fermented foods. Microbial fermentation of polysaccharides, carbohydrates, resistant carbohydrates, prebiotics and various other supplements stimulate the colonization and expansion of specific microbes to improve metabolic regulation.

The proposed proposal is well tailored to help and provide a platform to discuss and provide a brain storming session’s among the young research minds from north eastern part of India to conceptualize on functional and probiotic food in disease management strategies, and also supports ‘India Vision 2020’ initiative by providing economic growth opportunities through functional products to Indian pharma and food industries.

Young Investigator Award

The young thinking minds will be given opportunity to showcase their research through oral presentations. Ten (10) young scholars will be selected for presentation under Young Investigator Award category which includes a Certificate and a Cash Prize for the winner.


  • Age below 35 years age as on 31st Jan, 2019 (proof of age needs to be submitted)
  • The presenter should be the main researcher involved in the original work.
  • The presenter if selected MUST BE A REGISTERED CANDIDATE FOR THE SYMPOSIUM, if the paper has to be considered for the award.
  • The presenter must be a registered or enrolled in a university/ institute/college for Ph.D./Research scholars/project fellow.

Guidelines and other criteria:

  • A 10 minutes slot for speaking time with 2 minutes of discussion will be provided.
  • The final evaluation will be done by a duly constituted jury members and the awards will be given during the valedictory ceremony.
  • Certificates of participation will be issued only to all selected presenter.
  • Certificates for award winners will be issued only to the PRESENTER.