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Area of Specialisation/Research:

    • Optimization
    • Project Management
    • Quality Management
    • Operations
    • Adventure Sports

Research Publications:

  • Dutta, S., Sarma, T. R. (2022). Socio- Economic Issues In Disaster Relief Operations And Incorporation Of NGOs In Relief Supply Chain.Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal. (ISSN-2320-5415)., 4 (1),1-10.
  • Hussain, A., Barua, P., Sarma, T R(2021). Supply Chain Mapping for Supply Chain Visualization: Muga Silk Industry in Assam.Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management. (Inderscience Journal), (accepted, as on June 2022) (),.
  • Hussain, A., Barua, P., Sarma, T R(2021). Reviving GI status of Assam's Golden Muga Silk (Featured Article).Indian Silk : The Complete Sericulture and Silk Industry Journal of India, 12(old 60) (1),20-22.
  • Mehdi, M M., Rakshit, S., Sarma, T R, Joshi, M, Nille(2021). Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Bakery Industry: A Case Study of Ganesh Bakery.FIIB Business Review (Sage; Scopus, ABS), 11 (1),30-35. DOI:10.1177/23197145211020720
  • Mehdi, M M., & Sarma, T. R. (2022). Systematic Review on Performance and Growth Drivers of SMEs.Global Business and Economics Review (ABDC-C, CABS, Scopus), Forthcoming, Online First (),. 10.1504/GBER.2022.10046438
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Papers in Conference Proceeding:

  • Dutta, S. & Sarma, T. R (2022). Integration of Sustainability in Disaster Response Supply Chain Management- A study with a special focus on Assam.National Seminar on Sustainable Agribusiness Opportunities & Management Practices Towards Developing the Rural Economy, USTM/NABARD, (),. , [USTM / NABARD]
  • Baruah, P. & Sarma, T.R. (2019). Identifying AHP Decision Criteria for inland water port ranking in North East India.7th PAN IIM World Management Conference (IIM Rohtak), New Delhi, (),. , []
  • Baruah, P. & Sarma, T.R. (2019). A conceptual framework for using location allocation model to optimize the inland water port- dry port river logistics infrastructure system.XXIIIrd Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management (SOM 2019), IIT Kanpur, UP., (),. , []
  • Baruah, P. & Sarma, T.R. (2020). Hub-and-spoke network design considerations for optimising dry port inland water port river infrastructure in North East India.PhD Consortium; 2020, SJMSOM IIT Bombay, (),. , []
  • Baruah, P. & Sarma, T.R. (2019). Identifying components of shipping freight derivatives through systematic literature review and a brief highlight of key shipping exchanges and Indices.NEICMA 4th National Conference, Dibrugarh University, Assam, (),. , []
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Popular Articles:

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  • Sarma, T. R(2016) .Academic Tourism - Destination North East India .In A. Choudhury (Ed), Turn Mirrors into Windows - Rhetoric of Act East Policy and Beyond(72-78)..[978-81-927640-1-6]
  • Sarma, T. R. & Aienla(2015) .Community's Perception on the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in the Tourist Villages of Nagaland .In C. Goswami, A. Bhuyan and N. Das (Eds.), Tourism and Handicraft: A Sustainable Approach(95-108)New Delhi: Excel India Publishers.[978 93-84869-106]
  • Sarma, T. R., Aienla, A. & Dutta, A(2012) .Adaptation of quality concepts for waste management in tourist destinations .In M. K. Sarma, S. S. Sarkar and C. Goswami (Eds), Sustainable Tourism: Issues and Challenges(59-68)New Delhi: MacMillan.[978-935-059-069]
  • Sarma, T. R(2010) .Brand building for sustainable tourism - A concept document for North-East India . In Y. V. Rao and G A. Rao (Eds.) Tourism Entrepreneurship(.)New Delhi: Excel Books.[978-81-7446-945-8]
  • Sarma, T. R(2010) .A damped-acceleration based adaptive termination criterion for Genetic Algorithms to optimize project scheduling .In U. Sharma & D. K. Bhattacharyya (Eds.), Algorithms in Applications(.)New Delhi: Narosa Publishers..[]
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