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Courses Taught

  • BA 506 Quantitative Techniques
  • BA 515 Security Analysis And Investment Management
  • BA 518 Financial Engineering
  • BA 519 Management Control Systems

Arup Roy


MBA (Finance), Ph. D. (Microfinance)

Area of Specialisation/Research:

    • Stock Market
    • Derivatives
    • Financial Engineering
    • Microfinance

Research Publications:

  • Roy, A.(2016). A Model of Security Selection and Portfolio Building through Z-scores.Global Business Review, 17 (2),389-399. 10.1177/0972150915619815
  • Roy, A.(2016). Do Microfinance Loans have any Effect on the Health, Nutrition and Schooling of Children of the Clients of MFIs.International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre,, 2 (8),26-40.
  • Roy, A.(2015). Impact of Microfinance on Business Level Capital of the Clients of MFIs: A Case Study with Reference to Sonitpur District of Assam.International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Centre, 1 (5),9-24.
  • Roy, A(2014). The Dynamics of SHG Business Model and Women Empowerment: A Study on the Scheduled Caste Women in the Sonitpur District of Assam.Pacific Business Review International, 7 (1),47-56.
  • Roy, A.(2014). Effects of online securities trading: Some important issues.Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal, 1 (2),17-22.
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Papers in Conference Proceeding:

  • Roy, A.(2016). Important Issues and Challenges in Management Education in India.In the National Seminar on Issues and Challenges in Higher Education, organised by The Teaching Learning Centre of Excellence for Curriculum and Pedagogy Pandit Madan Mohan Malvia National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT) Scheme, Tezpur University. , (),. , []
  • Roy, A.(2012). Does sustainability depend on the age?- A case study on the MFIs of Assam.Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Seminar: Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North-East India organized by Lakhimpur Commerce College in collaboration with ACTA, Lakhimpur Zonal Committee, North Lakhimpur. , (),. , []
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Popular Articles:

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  • Roy, A.(2017) .Impact Assessment of Microfinance Programme of MFI's on their Clients : A Study in Sonitpur District of Assam in India .Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. [ISBN: 978-3-300-03940-7]
  • Roy, A.(2014) .Impact of Microfinance an the Schooling of Children's: A study with reference to some MFIs in Sonitpur District in Assam .In D. Das & A. Bhuyan (Eds.), Managing Rural Development in North East India: Perspectives, Policies and Experiences(161-172)Tezpur: Dept. of Business Administration, Tezpur University.[978-93-81563-57-1]
  • Roy, A.(2013) .Measuring Social Efficiency of MFIs Growth: A Case Study of Assam .In S. K. Singh, H. P. Mathur & M. Lal (Eds), MICROFINANCE (Issues and Challenges)(169-205)New Delhi: Shree Publishers & Distributors..[978-81-8329-515-4]
  • Roy, A.(2013) .Operating Sustainability of the Microfinance Institutions ? A Case Study of the MFIs of Assam In G. N. Sarmah (Ed) .Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North East India(1-15)Delhi: Commonwealth Publishers Pvt. Ltd.[987-81-311-0451-4]
  • Roy, A.(2012) .Microfinance Initiatives for the development of theNorth-East India .In J. U. Ahmed (Ed), Agriculture and Rural Development ? A Foretaste,(169-205)Guwahati: DBS Publishers.[978-81-86307-44-1]
  • Roy, A.(2012) .Microfinance Practices of the MFIs of Assam: How costly it is? .In P. K. Hazarika & B. C. Goswami (Eds), Micro Finance Through SHG ? A Mechanism for Poverty Alleviation(51-67)Nagaon: Krantikal Prakashan..[978-93-81694-33-6]
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