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Courses Taught

  • BA 511 Managerial Economics & Legal Environment (MELE)
  • BX 502 Managerial Economics
  • BA 548 Managerial Economics
  • IC 104 Economics I
  • IC121Economics II
  • BA 608 Entrepreneurship Development
  • TM 444 Tourism Entrepreneurship
  • IC 305 Preparing a Business Plan
  • BA 603 International Business Environment (IBE)
  • IC 505 International Business
  • BA 646 International Business and International Finance
  • TM 502 Destination Geography, History, & Heritage
  • TM 642 Sustainable Development
  • TM 544 Travel Agency and Tour Operation
  • BA 607 Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility (BECSR)

Anjan Bhuyan


MA (Economics), PhD (Entrepreneurship)

Area of Specialisation/Research:

    • Managerial Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • International Trade
    • Economics of Tourism
    • Rural Development

Research Publications:

  • Newar, P. & Bhuyan, A.(2020). Influence of Agricultural Financing Awareness on Financial Problems of Agricultural Entrepreneurs .Journal of Extension Education , 32 (4),6595-6603.
  • Chutia, N. & Bhuyan, A (2018). Oil Exploration and the Issues of Rural Livelihood – A Study of Lakwa ONGC Oilfield in Sivasagar District of Assam.Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies , 16 (3),7845-7857.
  • Chutia, N. & Bhuyan, A.(2020). Impact of the Oil Industry on the Local Rural Community in Sivasagar: A Qualitative Analysis.The Indian Journal of Social Work , 81 (3),353-374.
  • Kalita, B.J. & Bhuyan, A.(2021). Feasibility of Diversification Strategy for Sustainable Jute Cultivation: A Study in Assam .SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 7 (2),13-25.
  • Dutta, H. & Bhuyan, A (2018). Farm Management as an Agent to Farm Size Change: A Study on Paddy Farms in Assam, India.UGC approved (4037) Assam Economic Review , 11 (1),109-122.
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Papers in Conference Proceeding:

  • Bhuyan, A. & Dutta, H.(2014). Risk management through formal arrangements in rural Assam: a way forwarded for sustainable growth and development with special reference to Sonitpur district of Assam.In the proceedings of the UGC SAP (DRS-1) National Seminar on Managing Rural Development in North East India: Perspectives, Policies and Experiences, Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University, (),136-147. , [978-93-81563-57-1]
  • Bhuyan, A. & Kalita, B. J.(2014). Role of periodic markets in rural development: a study on rural periodic markets of Sonitpur districts of Assam. .In the proceedings of the UGC SAP (DRS-1) National Seminar on Managing Rural Development in North East India: Perspectives, Policies and Experiences, Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University,, (),220-230. , [978-93-81563-57-1]
  • Bhuyan, A., Kalita, B. J. & Dutta, H.(2014). Prospects of developing bamboo products as souvenirs: a study on selected bamboo craftsmen of Sonitpur district of Assam.In the proceedings of the ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Tourism and Handicraft: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Economic Development, Department of Business Administration , Tezpur University,, (),257-266. , [978-93-84388-00-3]
  • Bhuyan, A.(2011). Local Entrepreneurship as an Approach towards Sustainable Tourism Development in North Eastern Region of India..In the International Conference on ?Sustainable Destination Excellence: Innovations in Alternative Tourism" (SDEIAT 2011) organized by School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM) Faculty of Management Studies University of Jammu. , (),. , []
  • Bhuyan, A.(). Ethical Dilemma in Border Trade: An Approach to the Need of Ethical Codes for the North Eastern Region of India In the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Look East Policy and North East India Department of Economics Debraj Roy College, Golaghat.., (),. , []
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Popular Articles:

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  • Das, D. & Bhuyan, A.,(2016) .Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Development, .New Delhi: Mittal Publishers. [ISBN: 81-8324-637-0]
  • Das, D. & Bhuyan, A.(2016) .Development Strategies for North East India .New Delhi: Mittal Publishers. [ISBN: 81-8324-639-7]
  • Goswami, C(handan). Bhuyan. A. & Das, N (Eds.)(2015) .Tourism and Handicrafts: A Sustainable Approach .New Delhi: Excel India Publishers . [ISBN: ]
  • Bhuyan, A. & Chakraborty, S.(2012) .Sustainable Livelihood Determination of Local Stakeholders through Tourism Development in Assam. .In M. K. Sarma, S.S. Sarkar, & C. Goswami (Eds.), Sustainable Tourism ? Issues and Challenges.(17-41)New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers Indian Limited.[978-935-059-069]
  • Bhuyan, A.(2009) .Participatory watershed management. .In S.B. Verma, P. Sahu, and J. Lal (eds.) Water Resource Management(230-252)New Delhi : Pentagon Press .[]
  • Bhuyan, A.(2007) .Sustainability of Tourism Entrepreneurship in the North East India ? An Appraisal of Problems and Prospects of Accommodation Industry in Assam. .In K. Megu (ed.) Development Issues in North-East Region(178-207)New Delhi: Mittal .[]
  • Bhuyan, A.(2006) .Sustainable Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship in the North East India: An Appraisal of Tourism entrepreneurship incubator. .In G.P. Prasain (ed.) Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Industries(313-339)New Delhi: Akansha Publishing House..[]
  • Bhuyan, A.(2006) .Rural tourism-a new promise .In S.B. Verma, S.K. Jiloka and P. Thrymbakam (Eds.) Rural Tourism and Tribal Development(1-7)New Delhi: . Deep and Deep .[]
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