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  • Sarkar, S. S. & Banerjee, A(2019). Gate Keepers of Governance: Watching the Watchdogs.Paper presented at the International Conference on Corporate Governance: Issues, Challenges, and Challenging Paradigms, Delhi., (),.
  • Sarkar S. S(2018). Taxation System in Asian Countries – An Empirical Analysis.Paper presented at the World Business, Economics and Finance Research Conference, Bangkok., (),.
  • Sarkar S. S(2017). Goods and Services Tax-The Management Perspectives.Conference Proceedings, AMDISA’s 14th South Asian Management Forum, Maldives., (),.
  • Sarkar S. S(2012). Goods and Service Tax: A Roadmap for India.Paper presented at the International Conference on Law, Humanities and Management, Singapore., (),.
  • Baruah. P. & Sarkar, S.S(2008). Poverty alleviation through rural development: a study on scheduled caste population in Assam.International Conference on Eradication of Chronic Poverty from India: Policy Issues and Challenges organized by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India., (),.