Centre for Assamese Studies


  • To take-up its own and sponsored research projects (some in the form of doctoral research) on various aspects of Assamese language. literature and culture, relating such research wherever possible, to the complex issues of social formation in the region.
  • To set up an archive with both digital and documentary holdings in the form of manuscripts and audio-visual products related to Assamese language, literature and culture and make some of them accessible to scholars and connoisseurs through the website.
  • To undertake text-critical studies of secular, literary and sacred texts in Old Assamese, Tai-Ahom as well as Persian texts that throw light on Assamese culture. Such texts will be part of the archive of the Centre.
  • To publish authentic original texts prepared on the basis of text-critical studies and also books incorporating the findings of high quality Ph.D. theses to be produced at the Centre.
  • To take up translation of important Assamese and other indigenous literary and non-literary texts (both oral and written) into English and other languages and to translate important English and other foreign languages texts into Assamese and publish them.
  • To take up collaborative research with institutions and individuals outside Tezpur University in the areas identified by the Centre.