Graphitic-C3N4@FeNi3 heterostructure for in-plane micro-supercapacitor
Electronic structure and magnetism in (a) h-BN, (b) bulk BN and (c) h-BN/GDQ heterostructure system
Magnetic nanocomposite as a highly efficient oil adsorbent
Janus nanoparticle with superior contrast nature for magnetic resonance imaging
Linear response phonon dynamics of Phosphorene for thermoelectric applications
Mesoporous magnetic secondary nanostructures as versatile adsorbent for efficient scavenging of heavy metals

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Welcome to the Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory at Tezpur University (Central University). As the mentor of this group, I welcome you to visit our website and interact on your scientific interests with members of our group. Advanced materials research is about making products smarter, better and faster. Our laboratory is engaged in the research of advanced functional materials in a multi-disciplinary team effort. A common thread that runs through is an effort to acquire in-depth understanding on structure - property correlation in new materials and explore their applications in wide spectrum of interdisciplinary areas. The group also pursues fundamental studies in areas of quantum structures and the quantum confined effects. The Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology and Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India have all recognized the laboratory's work and have offered funding to fuel future innovation.

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