Research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Tezpur University focuses on morphological, syntactic, and semantics study of North-East Indian Languages. Our goal is to use NLP to support both education and application field. Our group currently focuses on different computational aspect of Assamese (a free word order, agglutinative and morphologically rich Indic language) Language. The north-eastern part of India (country of seven sister) is linguistically very rich. There are languages belonging to all the four major language families spoken in the subcontinent. Indo-European languages represented by Assamese, Bangali, Hindi, Nepali etc., Tibeto-Burman languages represented by Bodo, Rabha, Missing, Deuri etc., Austric language represented by Khasi and a few number of Dravidian languages in the tea garden area.

Postal Address:

Natural Language Processing Lab

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Tezpur University, Napaam, India -784028


Contact Person:

Dr. Utpal Sharma

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

Tezpur University, Napaam, India-784028