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Yimchunger Language

Language Metadata

Name of the language: Yimchunger
Alternate Name: Yimchungru, Yachimi, Yanchunger, Yimchungru, Yimchunger, Yimchungre,Tozhuma, Yachumi,Yatsumi, Yimtsurr, Yimchungru
Classification: Tibeto-Burman>Central Naga
Code: 007_Yim/N_CFEL_TU_2016
Places/ region spoken at: Tuensang District, Kiphire District, Dimapur District in Nagaland, India
Language Status: Vulnerable
Language Resource: Centre for Endangered Languages, Tezpur University.

Yimchunger (ISO 639-3: yim) is one of the endangered languages of Nagaland and it belongs to the Sino-Tibetan group of the Tibeto-Burman language family. According to Burling (2003), Yimchunger belongs to the Ao group of Kuki-Naga sub-group of the Tibeto-Burman language family. It is spoken in some parts of the Tuesang and Kiphire districts of Nagaland. Bradley (1997) has classified Yimchunger under the Kuki-Chin-Naga sub-group of the Tibeto-Burman language family. According to the Ethnologue (2011) report the total number of speakers of Yimchunger is 92,100. However, according to Census Report 2001, it is 72,030. Three field trips have been conducted in the Kuthur village, which is quite a large village situated in the Sotokur sub-division of the Tuensang district, Nagaland, with a total of 422 families. It has a population of 2274 according to the 2011 Census. The literacy rate is 73.83% (2011).

Data collected from the 3 field trips:

1800 lexical items; 165 sentences; 2 stories about the origins of the Yimchunger community and 2 folk songs. Word sound segmentation and the phoneme inventory are completed.

View of the Kuthur Village

View of the Kuthur Village, Tuensang

Field Assistants with villagers

Field Assistants with villagers of the Kuthur Village