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Intellectual Property Right



The Ministry of Human Resource Development has awarded an IPR Chair under the scheme for Intellectual Property Education, Research and Public Outreach (IPERPO) of the Ministry with a vision "to create superior quality Intellectual Capital for Indian Leadership in a globalized knowledge society". One of the mandates of the Chair is to conduct high quality research on the theory and application of Intellectual Property studies. The IPR Chair Professor is an eminent Intellectual Property Rights scholar.

The MHRD Chair was created in Tezpur University in 2010.


Creation of superior quality Intellectual Capital for Indian Leadership in a globalized knowledge society.


Long Term: Capacity creation in IP practice, education, training, research and awareness through a multidisciplinary approach.

Short Term (Five years):

Development of suitable academic programmes in IP education, research and training.

Providing a framework for analyzing the impact of Intellectual property in development initiatives in the country.

Dissemination of knowledge and information through outreach programmes.


Each existing and the proposed IPR Chair will have one Chair Professor, two Research Officers/Assistants, one Steno-cum-documentation Assistant and one Group 'D' employee.


Research :

It would be expected that the Chairs would conduct quality research resulting academic papers of high value and a high publication profile.

(a) Post-doctoral and academic research in theory and application of Intellectual Property Studies.

(b) Ph. D research in the above area with the intent to enable research capacity both at university and institutions of higher learning and in industry and other establishments.

PH.D Fellowwhips

IPR Chair can have maximum two PhD Scholars who should be taken as per the norms of UGC/AICTE or respective University or Institute.

Academic and Training programmes:

The approach would be to generate and sustain interest in this subject.

a) Introductory foundation course at under-graduate/post-graduate level on fundamentals of Intellectual property.

b) Compulsory course on IPR-half or one credit course spread over one trimester.

c) One semester elective courses at the post graduate level.

d) Training of trainers programme (one per year per institution) in the field of IPRs.


At least one workshop per year has to be conducted by each IPR Chair.

At least one conference per year has to be conducted by each IPR Chair.

Outreach programmes or clinics that the institution might want to develop.

Studies or Projects

Each IPR Chair may be asked to conduct a study or a project on any area of intellectual property rights, including Copyrights and Related Rights.

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