Tezpur University

Interdisciplinary Science Research
at Tezpur University (ISR-TU)

Sustainatable Campus

Tezpur University which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1994, envisaged in its statutes to offer employment oriented and interdisciplinary courses to meet the local and regional aspirations and the development needs of the state of Assam. Tezpur University has been offering courses and promote research in areas which are of special and direct relevance to the region and in emerging areas in Science and Technology.

Researchers belonging to 13 academic Departments are engaged in activities promoting Interdisciplinary Science Research at Tezpur University which has culminated more than 26 research publications (in the year 2022), 32 granted (42 published) patents, 25 funded projects in recent time. More than 50 scientific events have been organized during the last five years. There are also 10 dedicated Cells/Centers supporting Interdisciplinary Science Research at Tezpur University (ISR-TU). Incentives for researchers involved in Interdisciplinary Research based on outcomes are also under active consideration of Tezpur University.

Dedicated offices of Dean, R&D, IPR, CMDR have been providing administrative supports for promotion of Interdisciplinary Science Research at Tezpur University (ISR-TU) whereas the facilities available in Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Centre, High Performance Computer Centre remain useful for Interdisciplinary Science Research.

Science and Engineering Departments participating in Interdisciplinary Science Research
Department of Chemical Sciences
Department of Environmental Science
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Department of Physics
Department of Applied Sciences
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Design
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Department of Energy
Department of Food Engineering and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Centers/Cells supporting interdisciplinary research in Science and Engineering
The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
DST-funded technology enabling Centre (DST-TEC)
Centre for Multidisciplinary Research (CMDR)
Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Centre (SAIC)
Research and Development (R&D) Cell
The DBT Nodal Cell
The ONGC-Center for Petroleum Biotechnology (ONGC-CPBT)
DBT funded-Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF)
Institutional Biotech Hub (IBT Hub)
Intellectual Property Right Cell (IPR Cell)
High Performance Computer Centre (HPPC)