List of Projects

Sl. No.Project TitlePIBudgetStatus
1A multiwavelength study of Active
Galactic Nuclei and X-ray sources
Dr. Rupjyoti Gogoi10 lacsOngoing

Selected List of Publications

  1. Gogoi, R., Shalima, P. and Misra, R. The distribution of infrared point sources in nearby elliptical galaxies. New Astronomy, Vol 59, page 21, 2017.DOI link.
  2. Saikia, G., Shalima, P., Gogoi, R. and Pathak, A. Probing the infrared counterparts of diffuse far-ultraviolet sources in the Galaxy. Planetary and Space Science, volume 149, p. 77-82, 2017.DOI link. arXiv:1705.00380
  3. Saikia, G., Shalima, P., Gogoi, R. and Pathak, A. Comparison of diffuse infrared and far-ultraviolet emission in the Large Magellanic Cloud: The data. Planetary and Space Science, Volume 133, p. 90-96, 2016.DOI link. arXiv:1604.00966
  4. Warren Skidmore for TMT International Science Development Teams. Thirty Meter Telescope: Detailed Science Case: 2015. Research in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 15, Number 12, 2015.DOI link. arXiv:1505.01195v2
  5. Shalima, P., Gogoi, R., Pathak, A., Misra, R., Gupta, R. and Vaidya, DB. The Dust Content and Radiation Fields of Sample of Galaxies in the ELAIS-N1 Field. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 127, Number 954, 2015.DOI link. arXiv:1505.06604v1