Dr. Dilip Kr. Saikia  
  Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor
M. Tech (IIT Madras), Ph.D (IIT KGP)

Specialization : Networks, Mobile Computing
Phone : 03712-267109
Extension : 5102 [03712-275102]
E-Mail : dks[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Dhruba K Bhattacharyya  
  Professor and Dean, Academic Affairs
Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Machine Learning, Network Security and Bioinformatics
Extension : 5353 [03712-275353]
E-Mail : dkb[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Smriti Kumar Sinha  
Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Workflow Automation, Web Technology
Extension : 5104 [03712-275104]
E-Mail : smriti[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Sarat Saharia  
  Associate Professor and Head, Computer Centre
Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Pattern Recognition
Extension : 5105 [03712-275105]
E-Mail : sarat[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. S. Ibotombi Singh  
  Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
MCA (Manipur), Ph.D (Tezpur University)

Specialization : Trust and Reputation Systems, Web Services, Data Mining
Extension : 5106 [03712-275106]
E-Mail : sis[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Utpal Sharma  
M.S. (BITS, Pilani), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : NLP, Compilers
Extension : 5107 [03712-275107]
E-Mail : utpal[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Bhogeswar Borah  
M.S. (BITS, Pilani), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Data Mining
Extension : 5355 [03712-275355]
E-Mail : bgb[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Nityananda Sarma  
  Professor and Head
M. Tech (IIT KGP), Ph.D (IIT Guwahati)

Specialization : Ad Hoc Networks, Mobile Computing
Extension : 5356 [03712-275356]
E-Mail : nitya[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Bhabesh Nath  
  Associate Professor
M. Tech (Tezpur), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Data Mining
Extension : 5109 [03712-275109]
E-Mail : bnath[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Siddhartha S. Satapathy  
  Associate Professor
MCA, M.Tech, Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Ad hoc Networks, Bioinformatics
Extension : 5117 [03712-275117]
E-Mail : ssankar[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Mr. Loitongbam Basantakumar Singh  
  (On study leave for two years)
Assistant Professor
B.E. (Manipur), M.Tech (Tezpur)

Specialization : Image processing, Web Technology
Extension : 5116 [03712-275116]
E-Mail : lbsingh[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Sanjib K Deka  
  Assistant Professor
B.E. (JEC, Jorhat), M. Tech (Tezpur), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Cognitive Radio, Networks
Extension : 5114 [03712-275114]
E-Mail : sdeka[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Rosy Sarmah  
  Assistant Professor
MCA (Dibrugarh), Ph.D (Tezpur University)

Specialization : Data Mining, Bioinformatics
Extension : 5113 [03712-275113]
E-Mail : rosy8[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Debojit Boro  
  Assistant Professor
B.E. (JEC, Jorhat), M. Tech (Tezpur), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Network Security
Extension : 5118 [03712-275118]
E-Mail : deb0001[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Arindam Karmakar  
  Assistant Professor
MCA, Ph.D (ISI Kolkata)

Specialization : Algorithms , Computational Geometry
Extension : 5120 [03712-275120]
E-Mail : arindam[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Sanghamitra Nath  
  Assistant Professor
B.E. (AEC,Guwahati), M.Tech (Tezpur), Ph.D (Tezpur)

Specialization : Speech Processing, NLP
Extension : 5122 [03712-275122]
E-Mail : s.nath[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra  
  Assistant Professor
MCA (Vidyasagar University, Midnapore), Ph.D (Jadavpur University)

Specialization : Pattern Recognition, Evolutionary Computing, Neural Networks
Extension : 5124 [03712-275124]
E-Mail : swpatra[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Shobhanjana Kalita  
  Assistant Professor
B.Tech (Tezpur University), M.Tech (Tezpur University), Ph.D (Tezpur University)
Specialization : Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
Extension :5123 [03712-275123]
E-Mail : kalitas[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Dr. Nabajyoti Medhi  
  Assistant Professor
B.Tech (Assam University), M.Tech (Tezpur University), Ph.D (NIT Meghalaya)
Specialization : Software-Defined Networking, Wireless Networks, Network Security, Web Technologies
Extension :5352 [03712-275352]
E-Mail : nmedhi[AT]tezu.ernet.in
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  Mrs. Monisha Devi  
  Assistant Professor
B.E. (JEC, Jorhat), M.Tech (Tezpur University)
Specialization : Cognitive Radio Networks
Extension :
E-Mail : magna[AT]tezu.ernet.in


  Dr. Nazrul Hoque  
  Assistant Professor
M. Tech (Tezpur University), Ph.D (Tezpur University)
Specialization : Data Mining, Network Security
Extension :5125 [03712-275125]
E-Mail : nazrul[AT]tezu.ernet.in