About us

The Centre for Public Policy and Governance aims to act as a pioneering think-tank in North East India to facilitate evidence based policy making, policy education, capacity building, and high-level events for better social transformation.

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To be an interdisciplinary think tank that promotes evidence based public policy and effective governance.


To encourage research, capacity building, events, and high-level dialogues for academia and other policy stakeholders like the government, non-governmental bodies, and international organizations in order to facilitate positive social impact and better policies.


  1. To build hub of research and knowledge generation in public policy and good governance
  2. To use the evidence based research to influence government policies and civil society action for the betterment of the communities in North East India and beyond.
  3. To work on the evidence based research and partner with various agencies to deliver change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society.
  4. Work with the government and international organizations on major flagship programs and the felt needs of the state to create a social impact.
  5. Bringing in an inter-disciplinary approach within the University to address various social issues.
  6. Collaboration and partnership with various national and international universities and organizations with a similar mandate.
  7. To bring out publications (online and offline) in terms of working paper series, occasional paper series, journals and books.