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Tezpur University started using computers from its very inception in 1994 in its academic activities as well as in the administration. A Computer Centre (CC) was established in 1997 to facilitate a common computational resource centre for the academic programmes as well as for maintenance of computing resources of the university.

Over the years the University has grown substantially in terms of academic departments and programmes and as well as infrastructure, therefore, the CC implemented and maintains a Campus-Wide Local Area Network (LAN) which spreads over 261.47 acres of land. The central hub of the Campus LAN  is housed at the CC along with dedicated central servers. All Academic Departments/ Administrative Blocks/ Hostels/ Health Centre/ Library/etc. are connected with high speed Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) backbones. Internet connectivity is provided throughout the campus with 1Gbps National Knowledge Network (NKN) link and a 2Mbps backup Link via ERNET INDIA. Free Wi-Fi facility has been extended to the hostels and the residential quarters to the extent possible.

The CC maintains two clusters of computer labs and a Central Server Room. One cluster of CC lab,  i.e. Cluster-I, is equipped with 60 latest configured Desktop Personal Computers(PCs) and is housed at the Academic Complex 2 and the Cluster-II has about 68 latest configured PCs housed at the School of Engineering (SoE) complex.

In addition, an another unit of lab (MIC) of about 24 PCs is setup for specialized trainings and innovative activities which is also housed at the SoE complex. It also houses Internet Protocol(IP) based Video-Conferencing Facility which caters to the demands of live interviews, live remote meetings, virtual classroom sessions, etc.

The CC runs a number of services on Open Source as well as Proprietary Software platforms. It runs and maintain the Web Server, E-Mail Server, Proxy cum Firewall Server, File Server, Anti-Virus Admin Server, DBMS Server, Library Server, DHCP Server, NMS Server, Video Streaming Server,  etc. of the University. Besides these servers, one 4 processor based High Performance Compute Server (HPC) is dedicated for research community for high-end computational work. The CC labs are well-equipped with Scanners, Laserjet Printers, DMP printers and Multi-Media projectors.

The University's Intercom System (IP-PBX) is also administered and monitored by the CC. A Helpdesk Cell is available for technical support to over 1000 PC users. The technical team of CC also extends support to students and other users for immediate troubleshooting of network connectivity issues of their Personal PCs and gadgets.

For smooth functioning of the Computer Center, a comprehensive IT Policy is adhered by the University community.

Computer Centre
Academic Complex - II
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Dean SoE Complex
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