Name of the Programmes of Studies


Centre/ Cell


1.       M.Sc. in Physics



2.       M.Sc. in  Nanoscience & Technology

3.       Integrated M.Sc. in Physics

4.       Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed.(Physics)

5.       Ph. D. in Physics

6.       M.Sc. in Chemistry

Chemical Sciences

7.       M. Tech. in Polymer Science & Technology

8.       Integrated M.Sc. in Chemistry

9.       Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed.(Chemistry)

10.   Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences

11.   M. Sc. in Mathematics

Mathematical Sciences

12.   Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics

13.   Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed.(Mathematics)

14.   Ph. D. in Mathematical Sciences

15.   M.Sc. in Molecular  Biology & Biotechnology

Molecular  Biology & Biotechnology

16.   Integrated M.Sc. in Bioscience & Bioinformatics

17.   Ph. D. in Molecular  Biology & Biotechnology

18.   M.Sc. in Environmental Science

Environmental Science

19.   Ph. D. in Environmental Science

20.   M.A. in English

English & Foreign Languages

Humanities and

Social Sciences

21.   Integrated M.A. in English

22.   Integrated B.A.B.Ed.

23.   M. A. in Linguistics and Language Technology

24.   M. A. in Linguistics and Endangered Languages 

25.   One year Certificate in Chinese

26.   Ph. D. in English & Foreign Languages

27.   M.A. in Cultural Studies (Modular)

Cultural Studies

28.   Ph. D. in Cultural Studies

29.   M.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism

Mass Communication & Journalism

30.   P.G. Diploma in Mobile & Multimedia Communication

31.   Ph. D. in Mass Communication & Journalism

32.   M.A.  in Sociology


33.   Ph. D. in Sociology

34.   M. A. in Hindi


35.   P.G. Diploma in Translation (Hindi)

36.   Ph. D. in Hindi

37.   M. A. in Social Work

Social Work

38.   M. A. in Education


39.   Ph. D. In Education

40.   Certificate in Technical Writing

Equal Opportunity Cell

41.   Ph. D. in Assamese Studies

Centre for Assamese Studies

42.   P.G. Diploma in Women’s Studies

Centre for Women’s Studies

43.   P.G. Diploma in Child Rights & Governance

Centre for Inclusive Development in partnership with UNICEF-Assam

44.   Master of Business Administration

Business Administration

Management Sciences

45.   P.G. Diploma in Tourism Management (PGDTM)

46.   Certificate in Air Ticketing and Computerized Reservation System

47.   Ph. D. in Business Administration

48.   Integrated M. Com


49.   Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Computer Science & Engineering


50.   M.Tech. in Information Technology

51.   B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering

52.   Ph. D. in Computer Science & Engineering

53.   M.Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology

Electronics & Communication Engineering

54.   M.Tech. in Bioelectronics

55.   B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering

56.   B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering

57.   Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Informatics and Management

58.   Ph. D. in Electronics & Communication Engineering

59.   M.Tech. in Food Engineering & Technology (lateral entry)

Food Engineering & Technology

60.   B.Tech. in Food Engineering & Technology

61.   B. Voc. in Food Processing

62.   Ph. D. in Food Engineering & Technology

63.   B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

64.   M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

65.   Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering

66.   B.Tech. in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

67.   Ph. D. in Civil Engineering

68.   M.Tech. in Energy  Technology


69.   B. Voc. in Renewable Energy

70.   Ph. D. Energy

71.   Diploma in Paralegal Practice

Community College



Academic Department : 20

Academic Centre             : 02

Academic Cell                   : 01

Community College       : 01

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