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Significance of the Centre
  1. During the last nine years, Tezpur University has created facilities for research and teaching in Petroleum Biotechnology with the establishment of the Centre for Petroleum Biotechnology. The Centre is probably first kind in the world.

  2. The strong research capability of the Centre has been depicted by the research publications/presentations made in various national and international journals/seminars/workshops. Moreover Ph D degrees were awarded in the centre with the successful completion theses.

  3. The Centre is a unique facility for the oil industry of the country, more specifically for the entire North East region. The proximity of the Centre to Assam and Assam-Arakan basin and Assam Asst, ONGC provides a good scope to take up industry-academia collaborative/interactive works as per the national agenda.

  4. The remote area of the country requires special attention from national organizations like ONGC for its growth and development. Such a permanent research and teaching facility is expected to contribute strongly for the entire region.


Since inception, the Centre has taken up a number of research projects in view of implementing the above objectives.