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E-Books with Perpetual Access by Central Library, Tezpur University

The Central Library, Tezpur University has subscribed to a number e-books in various fields and are accessible through Campus Network on 24X7 basis.

To access following E-Books outside of TU Network, you will have to configure your device to use
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21st Century Journalism in India

by Nalini Ranjan

ISBN: 9788132101185 | Publisher: SAGE Publication | Year: 2007

Mass Communication & Journalism

25 Need-To-Know Key Performance Indicators

by Bernard Marr

ISBN: 9781292016474 | Publisher: Pearson India Education | Year: 2014

Business Administration

30-Minute Website Marketing

by Lee Wilson

ISBN: 9781838670818 | Publisher: Emerald Publishing | Year: 2019


A Bun in the Oven

by Rothman

ISBN: 9781479855308 | Publisher: Oxford University Press | Year: 2016

Social Work

A Handbook of Journalism

by V. Eshwar Anand

ISBN: 9789352806294 | Publisher: SAGE Publication | Year: 2018

Mass Communication & Journalism

A New Kind of Computational Biology Cellular Automata Based Models for Genomics and Proteomics

by Chaudhuri P.P., Ghosh S., Dutta A., Choudhury S.P.

ISBN: 9789811316395 | Publisher: Springer Nature | Year: 2018

Computer Science & Engineering

A Postmodern Accounting Theory

by Gaétan Breton

ISBN: 9781787697942 | Publisher: Emerald Publishing | Year: 2018


A Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy | Volume 4, 6Th Edition

by Kapoor, K L

ISBN: 9789389811353 | Publisher: McGH Publishing | Year: 2020

App. Math. Engg.

A Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium (SI Unit), 5E, Volume 2

by Krishan Lal Kapoor

ISBN: 9789339204266 | Publisher: McGH Publishing | Year: 2019

App. Math. Engg.

Accountability and Social Accounting for Social and Non-Profit Organizations

by Michele Andreaus

ISBN: 9781784410056 | Publisher: Emerald Publishing | Year: 2014


Page 1 of 37 Results 1 - 10 of 361

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