Observed Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2022

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    Observed Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2022

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    Tezpur University

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Event Description

Chandraprabha Saikiani Centre for Women Studies, Tezpur University observed Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2022 which is a day to highlight the importance of hygiene management. It is intended for creating awareness towards the social issues experienced by women during menstruation. Chandraprabha Saikiani Centre for Women Studies also organized a programme on the special occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day. There had been 50 students who were present. Dr. Ivy Daimary began the programme by a speech where she talked about hygiene and the disposal of pads. She introduced the purpose of the meeting. Dr. Mousumi Mahanta discussed the taboos and importance of hygiene and cleanliness especially during menstruation as well. Dr. Mahanta spoke about Bihar and the film that based on the scenario of that state. She focuses on the process of disposing sanitary napkins. The way we dispose determines various things. Not disposing properly may harm the surrounding and the people as well. It is very important to wrap it up with the paper and place in the dustbin. She also brought the topic of menstruation tease or shame. There are different issues which affect women especially at the time of menstruation and such issues are war, flood, and natural calamities. She mentions the poor facilities due to extreme poverty. Speaking of hygiene, she also focused on the role of educational institutions. Institutions should put emphasis on this in a serious manner since the washrooms are not so fit for using. Women are themselves the reason for this situation sometimes. Some of them do not know how to maintain cleanliness. Using clothes while menstruating could be very severe which can lead to life threatening disease. Pads also contain chemical and plastic which can cause infection. However it is much safer than clothes. Now people use tampons and menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are the best for women in terms of avoiding infections. Menstrual cramp is one of the worst things to be experienced. Menstruation affects the life style of a woman especially when it comes to Indian women. They are asked to sleep on the floor. There are many rituals based on menstruation. Women are treated to be impure during this particular time. There are different health issues related to menstruation and Dr. Mousumi Mahanta came up with some terms or names of such disease like endometriosis, uterine fibroid, and anemia and so on. Anemia occurs due to excessive bleeding. Some women even face menstrual irregularity. Some experience premenstrual symptoms which cause depression, anxiety and mood swings. Therefore, men need to know about this issue too. Dr. Mousumi Mahanta asked a male student why men too should know about it. Afterward, a presentation on menstrual myth and fact was given by Sonali Boro and Nelofer Amin. There have been different myths that have influenced our mindset such as women are impure during the time of menstruation and they should not touch certain things. However fact shows that it is only discrimination and superstition. Again a documentary video was shown to the students. After that some of the students performed skit on menstruation and hygiene.