Chandraprabha Saikiani Centre for Women's Studies

Tezpur University



  1. Chandraprabha Saikiani Day, 16th March.
  2. International Women's Day, 8th March 2017.
  3. Legal Awareness Camp on Human Trafficking at Bhalukpong Nigam, 21st December, 2016 .
  4. Gender Sensitization and Legal Awareness Programme, 29th November, 2016 .
  5. LEGAL AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON WOMEN, 1st -2nd November 2016 .
  6. A special lecture by Prof. Bidyut Mohanty in the memory of 'Chandraprabha Saikiani' on 'Grass root Women and governance' in Tezpur University - 14th March, 2016.
  7. Awareness programme 'Gender sensitization' in Bokagaon,Dist : Sonitpur - 8th March, 2016.


  1. A training programme on 'Gendered Teaching: Pedagogical practices' on the occasion of birth and death anniversary of Chandraprabha Saikiani in Tezpur University on 16th March, 2015.
  2. Workshop on 'Domestic violence & legislation' in Tezpur University on 22nd -23rd September,2015
  3. A lecture series by feminist historian prof. Uma Chakravarty on the topic 'The Question of Women' in Tezpur university - 26th to 27th October, 2015
  4. Workshop on 'Status of Women’s Studies in North East India' in Tezpur university on 26th -27th November, 2015
  5. Two days Orientation Programme on 'Women and Trafficking' in Tezpur University and Rekamari on 21st -22nd December, 2015


  1. A workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization and Awareness’ on the eve of death and birth anniversary of Chandraprabha Saikiani in St. Joseph convent higher secondary school on 15th March 2014
  2. National Seminar on 'Aging in India with special Reference to North East India' in Tezpur University on 22nd – 23rd March, 2014.
  3. Lecture on 'Women’s Movement in India’ and Women’s Education' was delivered by Prof. Sheila Bora in Tezpur university - 7th to 14th April,2014
  4. An interaction cum awareness program on 'Security for Women at Workplace' in Tezpur University on 26th May, 2014.
  5. Workshop on 'Capacity Building Programme on Women Leadership and Participation' in Tezpur University on 27th – 28th November, 2014


  1. The death and birth ceremony has been celebrated on 16th March 2013. Hon’ble Justice of Gauhati High Court Iqbal Ahmed Ansari delivered talk on ‘Women and Law Reforms’ on this occasion. Feminist and noted writer of Assam Smt Nirupama Borgohain released a monograph, ‘Chandraprabha Saikiani: Life and Struggle’. The bust of Chandraprabha Saikiani was also unveiled during the occasion.
  2. A series of lecture was delivered by Prof Aparna Mahanta on “The Creation of Patriarchy, Women’s Studies as an Academic discipline, Women Studies in India”, and different issues relating to gender in India from 1 to 6th April 2013.
  3. Students of CBCT, Women’s Studies, Tezpur University gave poster presentations on life histories of Women’s Studies doyens Veena Mazumdar and Sharmila Rege on 18th September 2013. They had presented the contributions of both the scholars in the field of Women’s Studies and their works in the poster presentations.
  4. Two days seminar on Aging in North East India was held on October 1st and 2nd 2013 in collaboration with Equal Opportunity Cell, Tezpur University.
  5. On 8th March 2014, International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Centre. Prof. Sucheta Sen Chaudhury, from Jharkhand University was present as the Guest of Honor in the programme. The members of Pragati Women’s Association made their contribution in this programme by delivering gender sensitive speech and songs. Prof Charulata Mahanta, Dean Research and Development, Tezpur University, spoke on women and education scenario in India.
    CBCT students of Women’s Studies presented drama, skits on different issues and themes like ‘women and sexual violence’, ‘women and domestic violence’ and Women and women’s right’ ‘Women and education” etc
  6. One day Workshop was organized on Gender sensitization in St. Josheph Convent Higher Secondary School in Tezpur on the eve of death and birth anniversary of Chandraprabha Saikiani (15th March 2014). Forty students of St. Josheph Convent Higher Secondary School actively participated in the workshop. CBCT students of Women’s Studies presented skits on different issues related to women, especially on gender crime and domestic violence. A short life history of Chandrapabha Saikiani was also delivered in the workshop. Writes-ups were also distributed amongst the students for generating awareness.
  7. National seminar on Aging in India with special Reference to North East India was organized in collaboration with Equal Opportunity Cell, Tezpur University on 22nd and 23rd March 2014.
  8. A one day workshop on “Security for Women at Workplace” was organised on 26th May, 2014

A Report on the Activities held by the centre during 2012-2013 ↓

  1. 14th November 2011, a session held to discuss the future plans of CSWS. Prof Aparna Mahanta (Dibrugharh University), Dr. Monisha Behel (NEN), and Mrinal Gohain (Action Aid) were the experts invited for the meeting. The experts suggested opening some WSC course to emphasise on publication too.
  2. A workshop on “Women studies as an academic Discipline” was held on 6th -7th of March 2012. Participants from various colleges and universities attended the workshop. The resource persons were Samita Sen , Director Women Studies Centre ,Jadhavpur University and Prof. Illina Sen , President IAWS, Delhi. The topic delivered in different sessions was on the issues like History of Indian women’s struggle, Feminist’s methodology, Issues in women studies.
  3. The CSCWS had commemorated the birth and death anniversary of Padmashri Chandraprabha Saikiani on 16th of March, 2012 at Chandraprabha Saikiani Bhawan . A memorial monograph was taken out on the occasion. A talk by Prof Anuradha Dutta on “Life and Times of Chandraprabha Saikiani” was organised on the occasion. The research scholars presented a musical rendition of poems of Chandraprabha Saikiani. Noted social worker Meenakshi Bhuyan spoke on the occasion.
  4. On 23rd March Prof Geraldine Forbes from State University, New York, Oswego who is a Fulbright Nehru Scholar on a teaching fellowship delivered a talk on “Nature of Women Studies in India”. She also highlighted the future research areas and asked researchers to take mission aimed at recovery and preservation of historical sources –family photographs, oral histories, folklore collection.
  5. On 31st August 2012, Dr. Anungla Aier an eminent anthropologist and an expert in Women’s Studies delivered a lecture on “Customary law practices and the issue of Gender Displacement”. She projected her views on traditional customary laws of tribal areas of North East India and its effect on women.
  6. CSCWS organised a 5 day workshop on “Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education” from 3rd September to 7th September 2012 at Tezpur University. The workshop was held within a UGC directed project Sensitivity/Awareness/Motivation (SAM) – A mirror, an introspectory kind of workshop calling the women participants for self introspection to change and focus on forming a network of empowered women with managerial and capacity building skills. There as many as 35 partakers in the workshop. Special resource person Prof. Padma Ramachandran and Streamlet Dkhar were present as guide to give insight about the workshop.Formal inauguration was done by the Vice Chancellor, Tezpur University with his thought provoking speech. In entire 5 days the trained trainers from different parts of India had given training to the participants.
  7. Jarjum Ete, Secretary of National Alliances of Women and former Chairperson, APSCW had delivered her lecture on ‘Question of Tribal Women’ on 31st October 2012.
  8. An IDC course named ‘Introduction to Women’s Studies’ has been introduced to bring Women’s studies into focus.
  9. Dr. M. Dolores Herrero, Professor of the Depto. Fliogia Inglesa y Alemana, University de Zaragoza, Spain and Dr Annethe Gomis, University of Saragossa , Spain delivered lecture on ‘Status of Women in Spain’ and ‘Feminism’ accordingly on 5th February 2013.
  10. Presentation by students has been done on different themes like ‘Women and Violence’, Women and Health’ and ‘Women and Media’ on eve of International Women’s Day 8th March 2013.
  11. A community extension programme has been arranged in Naapam area of Tezpur on ‘Women’s right’ with collaboration of Adhar (NGO) ON 8th march 2013.The programme focused on the issues related to women and legal rights.