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  1. “Technology Transfer issues in Biotechnology…A Global Perspective”co-edited with Dr Ben Prickril and Dr Rita Khanna published by Wiley-VCH (Germany) on April 24th 2009.
  2. “Geographical Indications……its evolving contours”was released on the internet for free download from www.iips.ac.in on July 18, 2009;
  3. “Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights….Research, Design, and Commercialization”, Prabuddha Ganguli and Sidddharth Jabade, published by the CRC Press(Taylor and Francis Group), USA and was released on June 18th 2012

Chapters in Edited volumes:

  1. “Intellectual Property Licensing in Nanotechnology”, Raj S. Davé , Neil S. Davey , Sonya S. Davey , Prabuddha Ganguli , Jeffrey J. Hohenshell , Robert O. Lindefjeld , Brendan B. Murphy , Naren Thappeta, Donald A. Tomalia and Philip S. Warden, presented as an invited paper at The American Intellectual Property Law Association 2012 Annual Conference on October 25, 2012 and chapter published in the book “ Licensing Update 2013”, Aspen Publishers, (USA) April 2013. The book is the definitive one-volume handbook covering the year’s most significant cases and developments in licensing.
  2. Manual on Critical Issues in Nanotechnology R&D Management: “An Asia Pacific Perspective”, Asia-Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer (APCTT, 2013). Prabuddha Ganguli; Chapter Titles “Best Practices on Commercialisation of R&D Results” and “Protection and Valuation of Nanotechnologies”. http://nanotech.apctt.org/contents.php?id=33
  3. Impact of Indian Policies and Laws on Regenerative Medicine Patent Applications; Prabuddha Ganguli; in “The Delivery of Regenerative Medicines and Their Impact on Healthcare” edited by Catherine D. Prescott and Dame Julia Polak, published by CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), USA, 2011.

Papers Published:

  1. “Geographical Indications as a tool for facilitating preservation of traditional products & processes with concurrent economic benefits………A case study of Muga in Assam”, Arshad Hussain , Juri Borbora Saikia, Suchibrata Goswami, Pritam Deb, Prabuddha Ganguli, paper presented in National seminar on Tourism and Handicrafts: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Economic Development, in Tezpur University, 22nd‐23rd December, 2014
  2. “Nanobiotechnology in India….Have we traversed beyond a myth?”, Prabuddha Ganguli, BioSpectrum, October 2013 pages 56-57 (2013). Link
  3. “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)…….Steering the future of today”, Prabuddha Ganguli, keynote address at the 1st KSOL National Conference on IPR KIIT University, September 12th , 2013.
  4. “Seeding Ideas to Harvesting Marketables….. Creating Institutional Ecosystems, Prabuddha Ganguli, Invited talk at the 2nd Annual Congress of TTO Network in Monterrey, Mexico, November 15th 2013.
  5. “The Patent InfoGenie…at Beck and Call”, Prabuddha Ganguli, Keynote address at the Society of Information Science, Conference on Patent informatics for Corporate Planning and Business Development December 9, 2013, Pune, India.
  6. A Molecule Called India; P. Ganguli The Financial Express, October 4, 2012; Link
  7. Ethical paths to innovations; P. Ganguli, Research Global page 11, Issue 29 October 2011
  8. Impact of Changing Patent Laws in Developing countries on Innovations, Business and Economy…A case Study of India; P. Ganguli; Presentation at the IP Academy Meeting in Ankara; November 8th 2010
  9. IPR system in India—on the move to global standards? P. Ganguli ; Express Pharma, April 16-30 (2009)Link
  10. Use of patented invention for R&D..Part 1 ; P. Ganguli; Express Pharma, May 13-16 (2009) Link
  11. Use of patented invention for R&D...Part 2; Ganguli; Express Pharma, May 16-31 (2009) Link
  12. Use of patented invention for R&D..Part 3; P. Ganguli; Express Pharma, June 1-15(2009) Link
  13. Inventive Step---its shades and shadows Part 1 ; P. Ganguli, Express Pharma, July 1-15 (2009) Link
  14. Inventive Step---its shades and shadows Part 2 ; P. Ganguli, Express Pharma, July 16-31 (2009) Link
  15. Towards an innovation enabling ecosystem; P. Ganguli Express Pharma: Sept 16-30 (2009) Link

International Conferences

  1. National Workshop on Strengthening R&D Management Capacity of Researchers and Research Managers in the Area of Nanotechnology' in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran on 25-26 February 2014 organised by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer. Two papers presented. “Protection and Valuation of IPR in Nanotechnology”..Issues and challenges” and Commercialisation of R&D Results in Nanotechnology..Issues and challenges”.
  2. International IP Enforcement Summit, London, UK 11 June 2014 organised by the UK Government. Participated in two panels in this meeting.
  3. Healthcare in India Opportunities at a crossroads, Brussels, Belgium, 12 June 2014; Paper presented on “Healthcare and IPR….Opportunities in India
  4. WIPO-WTO IP Teachers Colloquium, Geneva, Switzerland, June 16-27, 2014. The Issue of Working of Patents and Its Implications on Domestic Trade, Economic Development and Technology Transfer.
  5. Second Annual Congress of Technology Transfer Offices Network in Mexico, Monterrey, November 15th 2013. Paper presented “Seeding Ideas to Harvesting Marketables….. Creating Institutional Ecosystems”.
  6. First Annual Congress of Technology Transfer Offices Network in Mexico, Monterrey, September 2011. Paper presented titled “IPR Embedded Process for Seeding, nurturing and harvesting innovations” in the session on The University as a Promoter of Protection and Diffusion of Intellectual Property.
  7. BioVision Conference, Alexandria, Egypt , April 2010; presentation on “Education, Research and Industry…Bridging the Gap”.
  8. International Forum on the Centennial of Chinese Copyright Legislation", Bejing, China, October 2010; paper presented "Knowledge Access Issues by the Visually Challenged and Copyright Laws".
  9. Innovation Conference on “World Innovation Celebration”…New Fields, Challenges and Opportunities ; Poznan, Poland; September 2010; Paper presented: Re"Minding" Innovation Process for Economic Growth....an Indian Perspective

Presentations at the Training of Trainers workshops organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO, Geneva.
  1. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Training the Trainers Workshop, Vientaine, Laos, December 6-8, 2011. Four papers presented titled “Looking Good….Role of Design in Branding” ; “Collective Marking, Adding value with GI, Certification Marks and Collective Marks”; “Role of IP Management in Effective Government-University/Research Institutes-Industry Relations”; “Competitive Intelligence—Using IP Information”.
  2. WIPO Training of Trainers Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Support Institutions; Colombo, Sri Lanka; March 2011; Papers presented on “Collective Marketing - Adding Value with Geographical Indications, Certification Marks and/or Collective Marks”; “Intellectual Property Audit”; “Making a Mark” – The Importance of Trademarks in Establishing a Distinct Identity in the Market Place”.
  3. WIPO Training the Trainers Workshop On IP and Business Development; Dhaka, Bangladesh, June, 2010; Paper presented on “Adding Value with Geographical Indications, Certificates and Collective Marks”; “Power of Designs in Successful Marketing by SMEs… Examples and Case Studies”; Creative Expressions”…Benefiting from your Copyright and using Copyright works of others”; Industry-Industry Interactions…Building Sustainable Relationships”; “Exploiting Intellectual Property Information”.
  4. WIPO-KIPO-NOIP National Workshop; Hanoi, March, 2010; Papers Presented; “Intellectual Property Rights….Its Importance for SMEs”; “IP Management and Strategy in Business”.

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