Linguistics and Language Technology

Established in March 2022 as an independent Department, the Department of Linguistics and Language Technology, which was part of the Dept. of English before, offers a two-year Master’s in Linguistics and Language Technology and guides PhD research in the discipline. The Department has expertise in Syntax, Cognitive Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Language Documentation, Field Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Experimental Phonology, Sociolinguistics, and Computational Linguistics. The Department, in collaboration with the Centre for Endangered Languages, which was established in 2014 at the University and is now attached to it, carries out research in linguistics with a special focus on the languages of the Northeast, perhaps linguistically the richest yet most diverse area in India with its majority of lesser-known or under-studied languages.


To become a leading Centre of linguistic inquiry and research in the country as well as South East Asia.


To impart knowledge of all the major branches of modern linguistics and linguistic thought to the students through quality teaching with a learner-centered approach with a well-designed masters course syllabus covering the latest developments in the discipline and encourage excellence in linguistic research; to produce young linguists who will have a clear understanding of how language, ‘the most valuable single possession of the human race’, works and why; who can build and test theories based on accurate descriptions of languages, sound empirical methodologies and results from a range of disciplines; who can meaningfully apply the knowledge of linguistics in modern technology for technology transfer; in language teaching and also in linguistic issues of the society; to encourage study of all aspects of the lesser known and endangered languages, especially the ones spoken in this region, supplementing the efforts towards their preservation and revitalization.


  1. Ph.D.
  2. M.A. in Linguistics and Language Technology
  3. CBCS

  1. M.A. in Linguistics and Language Technology
  2. CBCS
    LE223 : Language, Society and Endangerment
    LE224 : Language Policy, Education and Language Revitalization


Prof. Madhumita Barbora

Prof. Madhumita Barbora, Ph.D. (TU)

Prof. Gautam K. Borah

Prof. Gautam K. Borah, Ph.D. (NTNU)
Professor and Head

Dr. Arup Kumar Nath

Arup Kumar Nath, Ph.D. (JNU)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Bipasha Patgiri

Bipasha Patgiri, Ph.D. (TU)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Amalesh Gope

Amalesh Gope, Ph.D. (IITG)
Assistant Professor

Dipali Sona Nayak

Dipali Sona Nayak
Office Assistant

Bijoy Chetri

Bijoy Chetri



Departmental Library

The Department houses the Centre for Endangered for Languages so that the students, the research scholars, the faculty and the staff of the Department have easy access to the Library of the Centre which is well-stocked with books on all important areas of linguistics, language endangerment, and language documentation. The Department has also easy access to the Centre’s state-of-the-art Linguistic and the Documentation-Archiving-cum-Recording Laboratories, and also to its two advanced multipurpose Seminar-cum Conference Halls. Furthermore, the classrooms of the Department have most facilities of a smart class room.
Snaps of some of the facilities can be found here.

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