Religious events

  • Religious events like saraswati puja, janmastami, diwali, id ul fitr, kati bihu,etc are celebrated in the hostel respective of religious equality and brotherhoodness among the boarders.

    Sports events

  • Indoor Events

    Indoor sports activities and events and competitions like table tennis, chess , carom, etc are carried out in the hostel common room to promote sportsmanship in the university.

    Outdoor Events

    Outdoor sports activities , events and competitions like cricket both inter hostel and intra hostel competitions , volleyball, badminton,etc are carried out successfully every year within the hostel premise.
    KPL [ Kanchenjungha premier league] a well known intra hostel cricket contest is also held in every spring semester session of the academic year.

    Literary events

  • Selective literary activities and events are also carried out in the hostel to promote literary skills n brilliance in the university.

    Debates and discussions

  • Creative and constructive debates and discussions on serious and essential matters and topics are carried out in the hostel in which every boarder can take part and encouraged to take part in this creative event.