Charaideo Men's Hostel

The abode of solace

Founded in 2004, Charaideo Men's Hostel is the oldest hostel in Tezpur University. Home of around 300 students, Charaideo Men's Hostel has been a new family for the students in this new university life; truely to the name, as the Ahoms found their new abode, their new capital in a new unknown land. Every room has stored memories of the dreamers and the torchbearers of the future- their smiles, their bonding with everyone like a family united, sharing every up and down moments of life. Though small in count of hosteliers, Charaideo Men's Hostel has bonded us all through times like a family; as Dom said, "Nothing is greater than family", the hostel and its bearers continue the journey of this important phase of their life as a family.