All Final Year students of Tezpur University who are leaving University Campus after this semester have been directed to plant one tree in Tezpur University Campus on 9th and 10th May 2015 in “TU one student : one tree scheme”.


List of final year students along with their allotted plantation area have been given on TU website.


All final year students have to plant one tree sapling after preparation of plant bed and their name plate be fixed near plant.



NSS, TU Volunteers will help final year students in bed preparation and tree plantation. Equipment, Plant Sapling and Name Plate with writing material will be provided by the University.


One Student: One Tree Scheme is directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and UGC, New Delhi; hence this is mandatory for all final year students. This will be academic responsibility of respective student to plant a tree at the allotted place. This is also responsibility of final year students to bring three junior students with them who will nurture that tree in future. If allotted place remain vacant after 10th May 2015, then the final year student concerned to whom the place has been allotted will be responsible.


The time and place for planting saplings will be provided in the website from the evening of 7.5.2015


Final year students may contact following Coordinators for details on ONE STUDENT ONE TREE SCHEME.


Contact Persons

  1. Dr. Hitesh Sharma, Dept. of Education, Mo.-9401339443
  2. Dr. Apurba Saha, Dept. of Social Work Mo.-8402940967
  3. Mr. Subal Sagar, NSS Coordinator Mo.-07677969154


Issued with due approval.




 N.B. List of students and locations for plantation is attached separately.