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Hashik N K

Academic Qualification:

Ph. D. in Folklore (Universityof Hyderabad) 2012

MA in Folklore (University of Calicut) 2006

Areas of Interest

  •  Performance Studies
  •  Community Studies

Awards and Achievements

Senior Research Fellowship (SRF), University Grants Commission, 2009– 2012

Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), University Grants Commission, 2007 – 2009

First Rank Award –University of Calicut, 2006

Masters Dissertation 2014

  •  Farhana Shabnam. "Religious Movements and Stratification: A Study of Tablighi Jamaat in Assam"
  •  Upasana Hazarika. "Life style in the Print: A Study on The Assam Tribune"

Lectures and Talks

Resource person of Research Methodology workshop on Social Science jointly organized by ICSSR and Department of History, Assam University, Diphu Campus during 19-28 February 2014.

Lecture series of the Centre for Folk Culture Studies, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, January 2 – 3, 2013.

Discussant of ‘The Discourse on Scheduled Castes’ in the National Seminar on Social and Economic Status of the Marginalized Communities in Brahmaputra Valley with special reference to the Scheduled Caste Groups by Department of Sociology, Tezpur University in Association with ICSSR NERC, Shillong September 27 – 28, 2013.

Publications (Books and Chapters)

Hashik, NK. “Mappila Muslims of Kerala - Text in the Life and Life in the Text: Towards a Complementary Model” ‘Performing Islam’, Intellect, U K, ISSN: 20431015, January 2013.

Hashik, NK. "Ritual Studies: A Theoretical Premise" in "Cultural Studies: Perspectives from North-East India" edited by Pradip Jyoti Mahanta and Debarshi Prasad Nath, Purbanchal Prakash, Guwahati, ISBN 978-81-7213-188-3 August 2013

Seminars and Conferences

Social Formation in Kerala: Enduring Practices and Embodiment of Identity in International seminar on ‘Philosophy of Culture’, March 31-April 01 2014 jointly organized by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi and Department of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University at Tezpur University Campus.

Construction of Tribal Identity and Alternative Education: The Case of Tribals of Wayanad in National seminar on Discourse on ‘tribal identities’ in India: Dialogue between the Past and Present, 12 to13 February, 2013 Organized by Department of History, Assam Central University, Diphu Campus, Assam.

“Folk Theatre Performance of North Kerala: Case Studies on Mappila Theyyams in National Folklore seminar on Folk Theatre Performance and its Variation, 25 to 26 March, 2012 Organized by Theatre Organization for Research in Cultural Heritage; P.S Telugu University and Song & Drama Division, Government of India

“River in Indian Life and Lore: an Overview” in all India annual conference of FOSSILS on folklore, 16 to 18 March 2012 Organized by Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture, Puducherry and FOSSILS, Trivandrum

“From Ethnic to Media: Changing Trends of Mappilapattu” in National Seminar on Ethnomusicology, 16th July 2011, organized by School of Folklore Studies, University of Calicut.

“Portrayal of Mappila Family in the Malayala Nadakavedi” in 7th International Research Conference of Indian Society for Theatre Research (ISTR), Jan 28-30 2011 at Department of Theatre Arts, S.N School, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

“Media, Community and Representation-Home Videos and Muslims of Northern Kerala” in National Seminar on ‘Theorizing the Margins and the Other’, 17-19 February 2010 at Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

“Saints, Offering and the Other World- Ritual Performance of Muslims in Kerala” in National Folklore conference of FOSSILS, April 8 to 10, 2010 at Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andra Pradesh.

“Impact of Globalization on Traditional Muslim Costumes” in National Conference of FOSSILS, November 17 to 19 2005 at Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

Courses Taken

Integrated Courses
CT 102-Cultural Studies I/CT 202- Cultural Studies II/CT 201-Folklore II
MA Courses
CT412: Methods in Cultural Studies/ CT413: Introduction to Cultural Theory/ CT514: Gender and Culture/ CT133: Folklore and Culture I .
PhD Course Work
CT 133- Folklore and Culture I/CT 511- Folklore and Culture II

Priority Areas of Research in Future

  • Cultural Studies of Science