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To strive for excellence by generating critical knowledge on culture and by building a repository of cultural resources


To generate human resources with an understanding of the rich cultural diversity of the country


The Vaishnava Music of Assam in the Performative Context


Broad Outline of the Project Granted the status of ‘Centre with Potential for Excellence in Particular Area’ by the UGC in 2016, the Centre on Cultural Memory in North-East India:

Welcome to Cultural Studies

The Department of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University, is one of the earliest Departments fully devoted to the pursuit of Cultural Studies in India. Culture is increasingly being perceived as a premise from within which subjectivities are being validated as a rapidly transforming world grapples with ethnicity, notions of nation, radical revision of history and space. ‘Culture’ is the repository of ideas and values, lifeways, modes of communicating and making sense of selves.

Founded in 1996, the Department is a vibrant academic entity that engages with cultural products, cultural practices and cultural forms in all the variegated dimensions, with a special focus on the North East India. Students and faculty in the Department engage in exciting, interdisciplinary approaches to traditional fields of study where the aim is to explore emergent cultural and cross-cultural phenomena from multiple points of view. Researchers and faculty, drawn from various disciplines like Anthropology, Performance Studies, Literatures, Folklore, Media and Film Studies, Gender Studies are actively engaged in exploring subjects like ethnicity, religious institutions, folklore and culture, local and national media, cultural theory, transformation and transaction in translated literatures and formation of nationalities.

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