Rajesh Kalarivayil

Rajesh Kalarivayil

Rajesh Kalarivayil

Assistant Professor
  • TU Email : rajeshk@tezu.ernet.in
  • Other Email : rajesh.wdr@gmail.com
  • Phone : 03712-27-5839
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Education qualification


Area of Interest

Biomedical Governance, Innovation Studies, Science and Technology in Rural Development.

Courses Taught

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Kalarivayil, R., and Desai, P.N. (2019). Emerging technologies and innovation policies in India: how disparities in cancer research might be furthering health inequities?, Journal of Asian Public Policy, DOI: 10.1080/17516234.2018.1511219

Nair, S. S., and Kalarivayil, R. (2018). Has India’s Surrogacy Bill Failed Women Who Become Surrogates?, ANTYAJA : Indian Journal of Women and Social Change,3(1), 1-11. 

Nair, S. and Kalarivayil. R. (2017). Saved a Generation": Campaigns against Hazardous Contraceptives in India" ,Asian Journal of Social Science, 45, pp. 126-148. ISSN:  1568-4849  http://www.jstor.org/stable/44508280.