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     Department of Social Work

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Welcome to the Department Of Social Work

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The Department of Social Work, Tezpur University was established in 2014 to respond to the dearth of good Social Work schools and trained social work professionals in the North East Region (NER) of India. The Department follows a rigorous theoretical and field-based pedagogy with special focus on the issues of the NER. For now the Department offers a Master’s degree programme and follows a credit-based continuous evaluation system. Students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds are trained in the core values and skills of the social work profession. The curriculum is designed to train students with the generic approach of social work, which leads to the conduct of research in emerging areas of social work profession and issues related to the NER. Through the fieldwork practicum (a crucial and integral part of social work training), the students are exposed to different economic, socio-cultural and political realities of the region. Additionally, the students are exposed to various social welfare programmes implemented at the grassroots level through the community, NGOs and government settings. The students are also encouraged to carry out internship and volunteering activities during the semester breaks in profit and non-profit sectors and other various government departments. Graduates from the department are envisaged to be placed in various positions in social welfare organisations, in non-profit and private sectors, and in academics.


The creation of a just and equal society which ensures freedom from all forms of oppression and exploitation.


To develop human resources for competent and effective professional social work practice, teaching and research with diverse range of individuals, groups and communities by using a framework of social justice and human rights focused on sustainable and participatory development.

Thrust Areas

  • Psychiatric Social Work
  • Public Health, Nutrition and Conflict studies
  • Urban and Rural Community Development
  • Gender and Social Movements
  • Social Work Education, Women’s Studies