Dr. Nilakshi Das

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Associate Professor


Department of Physics

Tezpur University


Tezpur-784028, India








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Academic profile :


        2002    Ph.D.   Gauhati University, Guwahati

        1995    M.Sc.  Gauhati University, Guwahati


Research interests :

Publications :


        Papers in refereed journals: 5

        Papers in refereed conference proceedings: 1


Selected publications:

  1. Propagation of small-amplitude shock wave associated with ion-acoustic like mode in a dusty plasma, N. Das and K. S. Goswami, Physics of Plasma 5(1), January 1998.

  2. Electrostatic thermal modes in dusty plasma, H. Schamel, Nilakshi Das and N. N. Rao, Physics of Plasma 8(3), March 2001.

  3. Scalar Vortex Dynamics of Incompressible Fluids and Plasmas in Lagrangian space, H. Schamel and Nilakshi Das, Physics of Plasma 8(6), June 2001.

  4. Nonlinear Shielding of Planar Test Charge in One Dimensional Vlasov-Poisson Plasma, N.Das and H. Schamel, J. Plasma Physics , vol. 71, part 6, 2005.

  5. The effect of magnetic field on the structure of Coulomb crystal in dusty plasma, Swati Baruah and Nilakshi Das, Physics of Plasma, 17, 073702 ,2010.