Dr. Dambarudhar Mohanta             


        Present position :          Associate  Professor       


        Office address :           Department of Physics

                                               Tezpur University

                                               PO. Napaam, Tezpur,

                                               Assam-784 028, India.


        E-mail :                          best@tezu.ernet.in


        Telephone :                   +91-3712-267007/8/9 Extn. 5558 (Off)

                                               +91-3712-267007/8/9 Extn. 6558 (Res)


        Fax :                              +91-3712-267006.


        Academic profile 

                2004     Ph.D    Tezpur University, Assam.

                1994     MSc     Maharaja Purna Chandra College (Utkal University), Odisha.


        Research Interest                                                                                                                       

                 *      Optoelectronic and photonic properties of elongated/asymmetric nanostructures

                 *      Bioconjugated quantum dots and ion channel response

                 *      Magneto-optic and magneto-viscous properties of novel ferrofluids


        Academic Recognition

                *    Indo-US Fellowship from IUSSTF, New Delhi to work at Harvard University, USA (2012-13)

                *    BOYSCAST  fellowship from DST, New Delhi, Govt. of India to work at

                       University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.  (2007-08)  

                *    Teacher Fellowship from Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore to work at SN

                        Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata. (2006)

                *    Teacher Fellowship from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad: 2003.

                *    National organizing committee member of Condensed Matter Days.


        Available as Reviewer

                *    Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics, Elsevier Publishing

                *    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Elsevier Publishing

                *    Journal of Applied Physics, AIP Publishing

                *    Applied Surface Science, Elsevier Publishing

                *    Journal of Material Science, Springer Publishing


        Ongoing Projects

                *    Photonic properties of semiconductor nanoscale structures subjected to energetic ion
                      irradiation (IUAC) 2011-2014

                *    Investigation of magneto-viscous and magneto-optic properties of novel ferrofluids
                     (UGC) 2010-13

                *    Fluorescent nanocrystal induced ion channels for biomolecular labeling applications
                     (DST FAST TRACK) 2009-12



                *     Publications in referred journals :  65

                *     Publications as technical reports/proceeding/conference papers : 15


        Recent Publications