• Department HOD

    Dr. Ritupan Sarmah

    Assistant Professor

    • Research area : Theoretical Material Science and Condensed Matter Physics Modelling far from equilibrium physical phenomena Collective behavior in complex systems.
    • Intercom : 5591
    • Phone : +91-3712-275591 +91-9740844775
    • E-mail :

    Educational Background:
    • Ph.D.  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    • M. Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
    Teaching :
    • PH-514 - Superconductivity and Critical Phenomena
    • PI-PD-310 Statistical Physics
    • PH-411 Statistical Physics
    • PH-540/ PI-410 Advanced Analytical Techniques
    • PH-416  Condensed Matter Physics- I
    • PI-PD- 307 : Basic Material Science
    • PH-725 : Basic Computer Programming
    • PH-101 : Physics- I (Mechanics)
    • PH-102 : Physics- II (Special Theory of Relativity)
    Research Interest
    • Collective behaviour in complex systems
    • Dislocation Dynamics
    • Modelling far from equilibrium systems
    • Bio-physics
    Selected List of Publications
    • Jagadish Kumar, Ritupan Sarmah and G. Ananthakrishna, General framework for acoustic emission during plastic deformation, Phys. Rev. B, 92, 144109 (2015),

    • Ritupan Sarmah and G. Ananthakrishna, Correlation between band propagation property and the nature of serrations in the Portevin–Le Chatelier effect, Acta Mater.91, 192–201 (2015)

    • Ritupan Sarmah and G. Ananthakrishna, Influence of system size on spatio- temporal dynamics of a Model for Plastic Instability: Projecting low-dimensional and extensive Chaos, Phys. Rev. E,87, 052907 (2013).

    • Ritupan Sarmah and G. Ananthakrishna, Projecting low-dimensional chaos from spatiotemporal dynamics in a model for plastic instability, Phys. Rev. E. 86, 056208 (2012).

    • Ritupan Sarmah, G. Ananthakrishna, B. A. Sun and W. H. Wang, Hidden order in serrated flow of metallic glasses, Acta Materialia 59, 4482 (2011).