• Department HOD

    Dr. Mrinal Kumar Das

    Associate Professor

    • Research area : High Energy Physics (Theory & Phenomenology): Physics Beyond Standard Model Origin of Neutrino masses and mixing Neutrino Mass models and discrete flavor symmetry Matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe Dark Matter.
    • Intercom : 5563
    • Phone : (03712) 275563
    • E-mail :

    • B.Sc. (Physics honours with distinction) from Dibrugarh University (1999).
    • M.Sc. (Physics) from Gauhati University (2002), Splzn. High Energy Physics.
    • Ph.D. (Physics) from Gauhati University (2009)
    Academic Recognition:
    • JRF (CSIR) in 2004 (Among top 20% NET qualifying candidates in 2004)
    • Vikash Puraskar by DRDO in 2009
    Previous Positions:
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Tezpur University
    • Scientist C at DL, Jodhpur, DRDO
    • Scientist B at DL, Jodhpur, DRDO
    • Scientist B at DRDE, Gwalior, DRDO
    • Lecturer, Handique Girls College, Guwahati
    Professional Membership:
    • Life Member, Indian Association of Radiation Protection (IARP).
    • Life Member, Physics Academy of North-East (PANE)
    • Member, Assam Science Society

    Teaching Courses:

    • PI-PD 301 Mathematical Physics
    • PH 419/ PI-PD 312  Advanced Mathematical Physics
    • PH 519/ PI 501 Quantum Field Theory
    • PH 532/ PI 502 Quantum Electrodynamics
    Selected Publications:
    • Anannya Mukherjee, Mrinal Kumar Das, Neutrino phenomenology and scalar Dark Matter with S4 flavor symmetry in Inverse and type II seesaw (arXive:1512.02384).
    • N. M. Nath, Mrinal Kumar Das, J. K. Sarma,  Q 2 evolution of xF 3 (x, Q 2) structure function and Gross–Llewellyn Smith sum rule up to next-next-to-leading order at low x and low Q 2 using a Q 2-dependent Regge ansatz, Indian Journal of Physics, 90 , 117-123(2016).
    • Manikanta Borah, Debasish Borah, Mrinal Kumar Das, Discriminating Majorana neutrino textures in light of the baryon asymmetry,(arXiv:1503.03431) Phys. Rev. D91,  113008 (2015).
    • R. Kalita, D. Borah, Mrinal Kumar Das,  Corrections to Scaling Neutrino Mixing: Non-zero $\ theta_ {13},\ delta_ {CP} $ and Baryon Asymmetry, (arXiv:1412.8333) Nucl.Phys. B894,  307-327 (2015).
    • N. M. Nath, Mrinal Kumar Das , J. K. Sarma, Regge Inspired QCD Based Investigation on the Q 2 Dependence of Gross-Llewellyn Smith Sum Rule Up to NNLO QCD Corrections, Journal of Advanced Physics 4, 148-154 (2015).
    • N. Baruah, Mrinal Kumar Das, J. K. Sarma,  Analysis of Small x Behaviour of Longitudinal and Heavy Favour Structure Functions of Proton, International Journal of Theoretical Physics. 54 , 3596-3611 (2015).
    • N. M. Nath, N. Baruah, J. K.  Sarma, Mrinal Kumar  Das,  Regge Like Initial Input and Evolution of Non-Singlet Structure Functions from DGLAP Equation up to Next-Next-to Leading Order at Low x and Low Q2,  Pramana J. of Physics 85, 629 (2015).
    • M. Borah, D. Borah, Mrinal Kumar Das, Sudhanwa Patra, Perturbations to the μ− τ symmetry, leptogenesis, and lepton flavor violation with the type II seesaw mechanism, Phy. Rev. D 90,  095020 (2014).
    • N. Baruah, Mrinal Kumar Das, J. K. Sarma, Longitudinal Structure Function F L of Proton from Regge Like Behaviour of Structure Function at Small-x, Few-Body Systems 55, 1061-1071 (2014).
    • N. Baruah, Mrinal Kumar Das, J. K. Sarma, Longitudinal structure function FL of proton from Regge-like behaviour of gluon distribution function up to next-to-next-to-leading order at small-x, The European Physical Journal Plus 129, 1-10 (2014).
    • N. M. Nath, N. Baruah, J. K.  Sarma, Mrinal Kumar  Das, Solution of DGLAP Evolution Equation for xF 3 Structure Function in Leading and Next-to-Leading Order at Small-x, Universal Journal of Physics and Application 2 , 80-84 (2014).
    • M. Borah, B. Sarma and Mrinal Kumar Das, Generation of non-zero θ13 in broken A4 neutrino mass model, (arXiv:1304.0164), Nucl. Phys. B885, 76-96 (2014).
    • D. Borah, Mrinal Kumar Das, Hierarchical Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis in Type I+II Seesaw Models, (arXiv:1303.1758), Phys.Rev. D90, 015006 (2014) .
    • D. Borah and Mrinal Kumar Das, Quasi-Degenerate Neutrinos with non-zero θ_{13} in Type I+II Seesaw Models, Nucl.Phys. B870, 461-476 (2013).
    • Mrinal Kumar Das, D. Borah and R. Mishra, Quasi-degenerate Neutrino and Type II seesaw Models . Phy. Rev. D 86, 095006 (2012).
    • Mrinal Kumar Das, Different mixing scenerio of quasi-degenerate neutrino with charged lepton correction, J. Mod. Phy., 10, 1556-1561 (2012).
    • D. Gopali, A. S. Jodh, Mrinal Kumar  Das, G. L. Baeheti and R. K. Singh, Use of CR-39 films for nuclear radiation shielding efficacy evaluation of lining materials for combat vehicles, Indian J. Physics 83, 871-8878 (2009).
    • M. Rajkhowa, Mrinal Kumar Das and N. N. Singh, Possible radiative origin of Δm221 and sinθ13 revisited, Indian J Physics 80, 829-838 (2006).
    • M. Patgiri, N. N. Singh and Mrinal Kumar Das, Discriminating neutrino mass models using Type-II see-saw formula, Pramana J. of Physics 66, 361-375 (2006) .
    • Mrinal Kumar Das, M.  Patgiri and N. N. Singh, Numerical consistency check between two approaches to radiative corrections for neutrino masses and mixings, Pramana J. of Physics 65, 995-1013 (2005).