Dr.Gazi Ameen Ahmed

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Associate Professor


Department of Physics

Tezpur University





gazi@tezu.ernet.in     gaziaahmed@yahoo.com


+91-3712-267008 (extn.5556)





Academic profile:

        2002   Ph.D.        Gauhati University

1992    M.Sc.       Gauhati University


Research interests:

  • Optoelectronic Instrumentation

  • Photonics

  • Nanotechnology




        Papers in refereed journals : 33

        Books: 1


Selected publications:

  1. G.A.Ahmed, G.K.D.Mazumdar and A.Choudhury, Investigations by a designed and fabricated laser based Air Quality monitoring system, Journal of the Instrument Society of India, 26 (3) , (1996), 734-738.
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1.           Photonics and Quantum Structures by D.Mohanta & G.A. Ahmed, ISBN 9788184870985,  Narosa Publications, New Delhi, 2012.