Course plan for all the courses offered in Autumn 2017

Course Code & Name Instructor (s) Programme Course Plan
ME201 - Solid Mechanics S.M. Kamal BTech download
ME202 - Fluid Mechanics I Paragmoni Kalita BTech download
ME203 - Material Science Sanjib Banarjee BTech download
ME205 - Thermodynamics Shikha Bhuyan & Guest Faculty BTech (FET) download
ME211 - Basic Thermodynamics Shikha Bhuyan BTech (ME) download
ME301 - Dynamics & Vibration of Machinary Vivek Kr. Mehta BTech download
ME302 - Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation Rakesh Bhadra BTech download
ME303 - Manufacturing Technology II Satadru Kashyap BTech download
ME304 - Applied Thermodynamics Barnali Chaudhury BTech download
ME305 - Mechanical Design Dilip Datta BTech download
ME401 - Industrial Systems Engineering Satadru Kashyap BTech download
ME425 - Machine Tool and Machining Rakesh Bhadra BTech download
ME428 - Finite Element Methods in Engineering Sushen Kirtnia BTech download
ME492 - CBCT Monoj Bardalai PG download
ME493 - Elements of Project Management (CBCT) Barnali Chaudhury PG download
ME501 - Advanced Solid Mechanics Sushen Kirtnia MTech download
ME504 - Failure Analysis of Material Sanjib Banarjee MTech download
ME512 - Theory of Plasticity S. M. Kamal BTech download
ME521 - Robotics Vivek Kr. Mehta BTech download
ME529 - Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Polash Pratim Dutta BTech download
ME532 - Power Plant Engineering Prabin Haloi BTech download
ME535 - Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Prabin Haloi & Monoj Bardalai MTech download
ME537 - Applied Computational Methods Dilip Datta MTech download
ME541 - Advanced Fluid Mechanics Tapan Kr. Gogoi MTech download
ME543 - Compressible flow Paragmoni Kalita MTech download
ME549 - Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer Tapan Kr. Gogoi & Shikha Bhuyan MTech download
ME561 -Experimental Methods for Solids and Fluids Partha Pratim Dutta & Zahnupriya Kalita MTech download
ME562 - Experimental Methods in Thermal and Fluid Engineering Partha Pratim Dutta MTech download
ME601 - Automobile Engineering Guest Faculty BTech download
ME607 - Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering Polash Pratim Dutta MTech download
ME608 - Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Zhanupriya Kalita BTech download