Regulation on Class Attendance

(Clause 2.09 of the Regulations on Academic Matters (Amended 2011) may be referred for detail)




The minimum class attendance of a student in a course is 90% (i.e., 10% relaxation from the upper limit of 100% on casual issues, like minor health problem and other personal matters, without any document). 'W'-grade will be awarded in that course in which one fails to maintain a minimum of 90% class attendance.



A maximum of 15% class attendance (from the minimum requirement of 90%) can be condoned on (i) authorized absence on official directives, (ii) serious illness of the student or (iii) death of a close relative. A proper documentary evidence is required for this relaxation of 15%.



Request for consideration of any absence should be submitted immediately after the absent period, otherwise such request will not be entertained.



Permissible consideration on the shortage of attendance will be made by the Dean of the School on recommendation of the Departmental Advisory Committee.



It is the responsibility of a student to keep record of the classes held and classes s/he attended under a course. This can be done easily, say by maintaining the following information in the note-book of that course:





 Class No.  attendance Topic covered