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Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Tezpur University,
Napam, 784028, Sonitpur, Assam, India.

Office: +91-3712-27-5854


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Tapan Kr. Gogoi



  • PhD, Tezpur University, 2011
  • MTech, IIT Kharagpur,2000
  • BE, Assam Engineering College, Guwahati, 1992

Area of Specialization/Research:

  • Thermodynamic modelling, analysis and optimization of Combined power, organic Rankine and Kalina cycles
  • Solar hybrid power and cooling systems
  • Vapor absorption cooling systems

Research Publications (recent five):

  • Gogoi T. K. and Hazarika P. Comparative assessment of four novel solar based triple effect absorption refrigeration systems integrated with organic Rankine and Kalina cycles. Energy Conversion and Management, 226(113561), 2020. DOI:
  • Nondy J. and Gogoi T. K. A comparative study of metaheuristic techniques for the thermoenvironomic optimization of a gas turbine based benchmark combined heat and power system. ASME J. of Energy Resources Technology, 143(62104), pp. 1--10, 2020. DOI:
  • Nondy J. and Gogoi T. K. Comparative performance analysis of four different combined power and cooling systems integrated with a topping gas turbine plant. Energy Conversion and Management, 223(113242), 2020. DOI:
  • Gogoi, T. K. and Saikia, S. Performance analysis of a solar heat driven organic Rankine cycle and absorption cooling system. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 13(100372), 2019. DOI:
  • Konwar D., Gogoi T.K., Das A.J. Multi-objective optimization of double effect series and parallel flow water lithium chloride and water lithium bromide absorption refrigeration systems. Energy Conversion and Management, 180, pp. 425--441, 2019. DOI:

Papers in Conference Proceedings (selected five):

  • Gogoi, T.K. and Gautam, U. Performance Evaluation of a Gas and Steam Turbine Based Cogeneration Plant: A Case Study. In: ASME 2019 Gas Turbine India Conference. ASME, 2020, pp. GTINDIA2019-2358, V001T02A003.
  • Nondy, J. and Gogoi, T.K. Exergy Analysis of a Combined Gas Turbine and Organic Rankine Cycle Based Power and Absorption Cooling Systems. In: ASME 2019 Gas Turbine India Conference. ASME, 2020, pp. GTINDIA2019-2351, V001T02A002.
  • Bhuyan, P., Borah, P., Gogoi, T.K. Energetic and Exergetic Performance Comparison of a Hybrid Solar Kalina Cycle at Solar and Solar Storage Mode of Operations. In: To appear in Springer Proceedings in Energy. Editors: Bose M., A. Modi Spinger, 2020.
  • Gogoi, T.K. and Kakati, J. Characterization of biodiesel produced from Terminalia seed oil and engine performance evaluation with 10% and 20% blending. In: IMECE, 2016. ASME, 2016, pp. IMECE2016-66624, V06AT08A007.
  • Kumari, T., Gogoi, T.K., Pandey, M. Laminar convective heat transfer characteristic of Al2O3/water nanofluid in a circular microchannel. In: XXVII IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics. IOP Publishing, 2016, pp. 759 (2016) 012088.

Other Publications


  • Kamal S.M., Gogoi, T.K., Dutta, P.P. Proceeding of National Conference on Sustainable Mechanical Engineering: Today and Beyond. TU/ME, 2017.

    Book Chapter

  • Gogoi, T.K. and Dixit, U.S. Basics and Applications of Thermal Engineering. In: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering. Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology. Editors: Paulo Davim J. Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature, 2018, 2018, pp. 137-178.
  • Haloi, P. and Gogoi, T.K. Performance Analysis of Coal-Fired Open Cycle MHD plant at Constant Subsonic Inlet Nozzle Mach Number with Variation in Nozzle-Area Ratio. In: Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering.. Editors: Biswal B., Sarkar B., Mahanta P. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 2020, pp. 709-716.
  • Haloi, P. and Gogoi, T.K. Exergy Modelling of a Coal-Fired MHD Power Plant. In: Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering.. Editors: Voruganti H., Kumar K., Krishna P., Jin X. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 2020, pp. 81-89.

Research Projects

  • Study of performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a turbocharged diesel engine with biodiesels available in North eastern region of India
    • PI: Prof. T.K. Gogoi
    • co-PI: Prof. D. Deka
    • Duration: 2 years
    • Funding Agency: DST. Govt. of India
    • Project Amount (Rs): 33,00,000.00
    • Status: Completed

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