CME on “Infantile diarrhoea, its prevention and management”

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Diarrhoeal disease is one of the major causes of death among children under five years of age and accounts for nearly 1.7 billion cases every year globally (WHO, 2013). The incidence of diarrhoeal episodes is common among the rural population of North East India, but the actual data is not available due to lack of comprehensive epidemiological investigations. The epidemiological investigations play an important role in translating scientific discoveries into public health. The success of an epidemiological study of a particular disease in a community depends on the active participation of medical professionals. There is an urgent need to develop collaboration between Government Medical professionals and the scientists working in the research Institutes of the region. The main objective of the proposed conference is to provide a common forum for one-to-one interactions between health care professionals and the experts working in the field of diarrhoeal diseases. The scientific deliberations presented in the seminar are expected to play the crucial role in bridging physicians and researchers through networking of Medical and Research Institutions for effective monitoring of the changing spectrum of enteric pathogens and disease management. This meeting will also provide a platform for lively interactive sessions among the stakeholders and young researchers. Further, this conference will help to identify and establish a hospital based surveillance system to understand the impact of diarrhoeal disease burden on public health of North East India.

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