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Prof. D Velmurugan
Prof. D Velmurugan
UGC-BSR Faculty, Former Head of the Department,
Centre for Advanced Study in Crystallography and Biophysics,
University of Madras, Chennai – 600 025.

Prof. D Velmurugan has an experience of more than 30 years in X-ray Crystallography of small and macromolecules. The small molecules include several inhibitors of drug targets of tropical diseases such as Dengue, Tuberculosis and Chikungunya. Numerous potential small molecule inhibitors from natural sources against cancer and diabetes had also been proposed from his lab. In the field of toxinology, he is interested in carrying out the structural analysis of the snake venom proteins using X-ray Crystallographic techniques. The structural information helps in revealing the mechanism of action of the toxins and further inhibitors can be designed against them. Currently Molecular modeling studies and crystallization of several snake venom proteins identified through Proteomics techniques are being carried out in his group. He has more than 500 publications and has guided 48 PhD students.

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