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Md Abu Reza, PhD (Singapore)
Professor Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Professor Md Abu Reza is involved in snake venom research for nearly 15 years. His PhD research objective was to understand the molecular evolution of group D snake venom prothrombin activator from blood coagulation factor X. He has complete several transcriptome (cDNA library) from different snake species. He is also experienced in snake venom protein expression in E-coli. Dr. Reza has created a database of the snakes of Bangladesh (, which includes all the available protein information of the venomous snakes of Bangladesh. Currently, Dr. Reza is involved in characterization of the venom of different snake species of Bangladesh. He is also working on checking the efficacy of the imported antivenom used in snake bite treatment in his country.

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