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About SnakSymp 2016

SnakSymp 2016 will be a congregation of scientists, students, clinician and antivenom manufacturers from India and abroad to deliberate on recent advances on snake venom research and snakebite management. Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Tezpur University is proud to host the annual meeting of Toxinological Society of India (TSI) and the National seminar during 22-24 Nov. 2016.

Snakebite is a Neglected Tropical Disease and the victims are mainly the poor farmers and daily wage earners. Each year, approximately 4,21,000 cases of envenomation and 20,000 snakebite deaths occur throughout the world. In India approx. 40-50 thousand people die due to snakebite. This problem is more acute in our rural areas as well for the soldiers posted in the border areas.

Toxinological Society of India, a society of venom and toxin researchers, clinicians, snake biologist and antivenom manufacturing pledge to work for the improvement of the snakebite management. Multidisciplinary approaches in understanding the complexities of snake venom have gained momentum in recent years and progress has been made in the improvement of antivenoms. SnakSymp 2016 will be a promising platform to share these recent developments on venomics, transcriptomics and antivenomics.

Organizing committee cordially invites you to this annual meeting and the National Seminar to be held at Tezpur “The Least Polluted City of the Country” (WHO).