Publications in 2021

Papers in Journals:

1.   Baruah, N. D. and Bandyopadhyay, S. The n-color Partition Function and Some Counting Theorems. INTEGERS , 1553-1732, 2021.

2.   Baruah, N. D. and Das, H. J. Relations among representations of integers by certain quadratic forms. INDIAN JOURNAL OF PURE & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 0019-5588, 2021.

3.   Baruah, N. D. and Das, H. J., Families of congruences for fractional partition functions modulo powers of primes. Research in Number Theory, 2363-9555, 2021.

4.   Baruah, N. D. and Das, H. J., Generating functions and congruences for 9-regular and 27-regular partitions in 3 colours. Hardy-Ramanujan Journal, 2804-7370, 2021.

5.   Borah, J. and Swaroop N., Non-Instantaneous Impulsive Fractional Semilinear Evolution Equation With Finite Delay,  Journal of Fractional Calculus and Applications, 2090-5858, 2021.

6.   Das, P. K. and Kumar, S., Location and weight distribution of key errors, Matematicki Vesnik, 0025–5165, 2021.

7.   Bir, B.,Goswami, D. and Pani, A. K., Backward Euler method for the equations of motion arising in Oldroyd model of order one with nonsmooth initial data. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 0272-4979, 2021.

8.   Bir, B., and Goswami, D., On a three step two-grid finite element method for the Oldroyd model of order one. ZAMM Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 1521-4001, 2021.

9.   Chutia, D., and Haloi, R., Weighted inequalities for one-sided fractional minimal function. The Journal of Analysis, 2367-2501, 2021.

10.   Pal, S., and Haloi, R., Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the damped Navier–Stokes equations with Navier boundary conditions for three dimensional incompressible fluid. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 1598-5865, 2021.

11.   Hazarika, M., and Marik, S., Toeplitz and slant Toeplitz operators on the polydisk. Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 1319-5166, 2021.

12.   Hazarika, M., Minimal reducing subspaces of compression of a slant weighted Toeplitz operator. Indian Journal of Mathematics, 0019-5324, 2021.

13.   Kalita, D. and Sarma, K., On the inverse of unicyclic 3-coloured digraphs. Linear & Multilinear Algebra, 0308-1087, 2021.

14.   Kalita, D., Skewed converse and Laplacian spectral radius of weighted directed graphs. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics, 0019-5588, 2021.

15.   Dutta, P., and Nath, R. K., Various energies of commuting graphs of some super integral groups. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics, 0019-5588, 2021.

16.   Bhowal, P. and Nath, R. K., Spectral aspects of commuting conjugacy class graph of finite groups. Algebraic Structures and Their Applications, 2382-9761, 2021.

17.   Nath, R. K., Fasfous, W. N. T., Das, K. C. and Shang, Y., Common neighborhood energy of commuting graphs of finite groups. Symmetry, 2073-8994, 2021.

18.   Sharma, M., Nath, R. K., Dutta, P. and Shang, Y., On r-noncommuting graph of finite rings.   Axioms, 2075-1680, 2021.

19.   Fasfous, W. N. T., Sharafdini, R. and Nath, R. K., Common neighborhood spectrum of commuting graphs of finite groups.   Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, 2415-721X, 2021.

20.   Sharma, M., Nath, R. K. and Shang, Y., On g-noncommuting graph of a finite group relative to its subgroups.   Mathematics, 2227-7390, 2021.

21.   Deka, D. and Sen, S., A new transformation free generalized (5, 5) HOC discretization of transient Navier-Stokes/Boussinesq equations on nonuniform grids.   International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 0017-9310, 2021.

22.   Pokhrel, N.K. and Das, P.K., Unidirectional solid burst correcting integer codes.   Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 1598-5865, 2021.

23.   Das, P.K. and Haokip, L., Correction and Weight Distribution of Periodic Random Errors. Science and Technology Asia, 22586-9000, 2021.

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