Publications in 2013

Papers in Journals:

1.   Barman, R. Another look at Iwasawa λ-invariants of p-adic measures on Zpn and Γ-transforms. International. International Journal of Number Theory, 9(5): 1289-1299, 2013.

2.   Barman, R. and Kalita, G. Hypergeometric functions over Fq and traces of Frobenius for elliptic curves. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 141: 3403-3410, 2013.

3.   Barman, R. and Kalita, G. Elliptic curves and special values of Gaussian hypergeometric series. Journal of Number Theory, 133: 3099-3111, 2013.

4.   Barman, R. and Kalita, G. On the polynomial xd + ax + b over Fqn and Gaussian hypergeometric series. International Journal of Number Theory, 9(7): 1753-1763, 2013.

5.   Baruah, N. D. and Nath, K. Infinite families of arithmetic identities for 4-cores. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 87: 304-315, 2013.

6.   Baruah, N. D. and Sarmah, B. K. Identities and congruences for the general partition and Ramanujan's tau functions. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 44: 643-671, 10-2013 (October).

7.   Borah, M., Doloi, C. and Gogoi, J. Cascade System with P(X < Y < Z). Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences, 5(1): 37-47, 2013.

8.   Borah, M. and Mahanta, D. J. Rapid parameter estimation of three papameternon linear growth. International Journal of Mathematical Archive, 4(2): 274-282, 2013 (February).

9.   Bose, A. and Dutta, S. Density estimation using bootstrap bandwidth selector. Statistics & Probability Letters, 83(1): 245-256, 2013.

10. Deka, B. and Deka, R. C. Finite element method for a class of parabolic integro-differential equation with interfaces. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 44(6): 823-847, 2013.

11. Deka, B. and Ahmed, T. Convergence of finite element method for linear second order wave equations with discontinuous coefficients. Numerical Method for PDE, 29: 1522-1542, 2013.

12. Dutta, S. and Goswami, A. Pointwise and uniform convergence of kernel density estimators using random bandwidths. Statistics & Probability Letters, 83(12): 2711-2720, 2013.

13. Haloi, R. On solutions to a non-autonomous neutral differential equation with deviating arguments. Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory, 13(3): 242-257, 2013.

14. Hazarika, M. and Kalita, B. Finite rank perturbation of 2-hyponormal weighted shifts. International Journal of Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications, 5(1): 19-35, 2013.

15. Hazarika, M. and Phukan, A. Necessary conditions for hyponormality of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 7(4): 485-490, 2013.

16. Kalita, D. Spectral integral variation and unicyclic 3-colored digraphs with second smallest eigenvalue 1. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 439: 55-65, 2013.

17. Medhi, P. and Choudhury, A. Reneging in queues without waiting space. International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences, 1(3): 111-124, 2013 (August).

18. Nath, R. K. Commutativity degree of a class of finite groups and consequences. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 88(3): 448-452, 2013 (January).

19. Nath, M. Minimal configuration bicyclic graphs. Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 61: 255-264, 2013.

20. Nath, M., Bose, S. and Paul, S. On maximal distance spectral radius of graphs without a pendent vertex. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 438(11): 4260-4278, 2013.

21. Nath, M. and Paul, S. Graph transformation and distance spectral radius. Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, 5(3): 1350014-1--1350014-10, 2013 (September).

22. Nath, M. and Paul, S. On the distance spectral radius of trees. Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 61: 847-855, 2013.

23. Saikia, P. and Borah, M. A study on mathematical modelling for oldest-old mortality rates. International Journal of Mathematical Archive, 4(11): 104-112, 2013 (November).

25. Sarkar, S. S., Dutta, S. and Dutta, P. A review of Indian index funds. Global Business Review, 14(1): 89-98, 2013.

25. Sen, S. A new family of (5.5) CC-4OC schemes applicable for unsteady Navier-Stokes equations. Journal Computational Physics, 25l: 251-271, 2013.

26. Sen, S. and Kalita J. Unsteady separation leading to secondary and tertiary vortex dynamics: the sub-α and sub-β phenomena. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 730: 19-51, 2013.

27. Sen, S., Kalita J. and Gupta, M. M. A robust implicit compact scheme for two-dimentional unsteady flows with a biharmonic stream function formulation. Computers and Fluids, 84: 141- 163, 2013.

Papers in Conference Proceedings:

1.   Baruah, N. D. and Sarmah, B. K. Two Quotients of Theta Functions and Arithmetic Identities for 3- cores. The Legacy of Srinivasa Ramanujan, RMS Lecture Notes, B. C. Berndt and D. Prasad (Eds.), 20: 99-110, 2013 (November).

Book Chapters:

1.   Kalita, D. Determinant of the Laplacian matrix of weighted directed graphs. Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Generalized inverses of Matrices, Bapat, R. B. et al. (Eds.), pp. 57-62, 2013.

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