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News of Student's Accolade
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Notice for All Programmes of the Department
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Test-I Marks Integrated Semester II (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks Integrated Semester IV (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks Integrated Semester VI (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks Integrated Semester VIII (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks Integrated Semester X (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks M.Sc Semester II (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks M.Sc Semester IV (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks M.Sc Backlog Semesters (06/03/2019)

Notice for Other Departments' Students
Test-I Marks of MI/MD-102 (06/03/2019)
Test-I Marks of MS-203 (06/03/2019)

Notice for MS101 : MATHEMATICS-I (B.Tech)

Notice for MS103/MS105 : MATHEMATICS-II (B.Tech )
Course Plan of MS103/MS105 Mathematics II (31/01/2019)
Test Schedules of MS103/MS105 Mathematics II (31/01/2019)
Problem Set-I (05/02/2019)
Syllabus for Test-I (05/02/2019)
Seat-plan for Test-I & Test-III (13/02/2019)
MS102 Test-I Marks (25/02/2019)
MS105 Test-I Marks (25/02/2019)
MS105 Tutorial (02/03/2019)
Problem Set-I.1 (04/03/2019)
Problem Set-II (04/03/2019)
Mid Term Syllabus (04/03/2019)
Tutorial-I (25/03/2019)
Tutorial-II (25/03/2019)
Tutorial-III (08/04/2019)
Mark Sheet (09/04/2019)
Mark Sheet Backlog (09/04/2019)
Test-III Notice (09/04/2019)
Assignment (26/04/2019)
Notice regarding make up test (05/01/2019)
Tutorial-IV (06/05/2019)
Tutorial-V (09/05/2019)

Notice for MS104 : MATHEMATICS-I (B.Tech)

Notice for MS201 : MATHEMATICS-III (B.Tech)

Notice for MS 203: NUMERICAL ANALYSIS (B.Tech )


  All the alumni of this department are requested to send their where abouts (Current Status, Occupation, Address etc.) to any one of the following addresses so that it can be updated in the website.

Dr. Munmun Hazarika,
Krishna Das,

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